Meet Joy:

I'm mom to three tween-aged sons (plus one elderly poodle), and wife to an awesome husband who takes care of them when I want to hole myself up in a room and read.  My favorite genres are YA, inspirational romance, edgy Christian fiction, and the occasional celeb bio or memoir.

When I'm not reading and book blogging, I'm an inner city school teacher and burgeoning education reform activist.  I refrain from opining about public education on this blog, but I make no promises about Twitter. 

Meet Serena:

Serena Chase writes and reviews from a teensy cave crammed inside a moderately sized house in a small rural town in Iowa. The mother of two girls, Serena is married to a dashing elementary school principal who shares her fondness for using lines from The Princess Bride, Galaxy Quest, and Seinfeld in daily conversation.

When she's not writing (or daydreaming about writing), Serena is most likely reading, because there are actually people who pay her to do that over at USA Today's Happy Ever After blog. (Best. Job. Ever!) She can also be found attending her daughters' school events, occasionally performing in her local community theater, and breaking out in random showtunes for no apparent reason. No matter where she is, however, this snarky farmer’s daughter is easily distracted by chocolate, Dr. Pepper, a good book, and, apparently, bubbles.

Connect with Serena on Twitter or by visiting her website. You can also "like" her official author page on Facebook. Her first novel, The Ryn, released in March 2013 and its sequel, The Remedy released in April 2013. Together, they are an epic re-imagining of the classic Grimm fairy tale, Snow White & Rose Red and are the first two books in her YA fantasy series, Eyes of E'veria. Serena is currently hanging out with a certain (fictional) pirate and knight, expanding a fresh fairy tale into what will eventually become books 3 & 4 of the series.


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