Monday, January 06, 2014

Recommended YA: Mindsiege (Mindspeak series book 2) by Heather Sunseri

What it's about (from Sun Publishing):
An intruder has seized control of Lexi Matthew's mind, putting those closest to her in grave danger.
When someone snakes into Lexi's head and threatens Jack's life at Lexi's own hand, she must quickly decide: leave Jack and the web of lies and controversial medical science behind in order to protect him, or stay and fight to regain control of her own mind but risk Jack's life.
Before Lexi can choose, she's immersed into the underground world of the International Intelligence Agency, where she discovers the world of cloning and mind control is much larger than she and Jack ever imagined and is growing bigger and more dangerous.
As the band of teenage human clones uncovers more of their supernatural abilities, a dominant force inside the IIA is at work to take over their powers. Can Lexi stop the person who has invaded her mind before the IIA captures them all, or will she sacrifice herself to save those she loves?
Why you should read it: Lexi and her DNA-cloned peers, including love interest Jack, hope to destroy the technology used to control other clones, but with so many people invading her mind, she is never really sure who is friend and who is foe — and neither is the reader! If the plan fails, Lexi could be trapped forever within the will of scientists who would make her their slave. If it succeeds, she and Jack can escape to the "normal" life she has always dreamed of.
With a heart-racing opening scene, Heather Sunseri grabs your heart, shoots it full of adrenaline, and sends you toward a showdown between paranormally gifted teens and the scientists who designed them. The romance factor heats up quite a bit in this book, too, and offers a suspicious hint or two of romantic troubles to come (a possible love triangle? Hmm?). Mindsiege is a rush from beginning to end, and fans will be anxiously awaiting the next book in this exciting and thought-provoking YA series.
(This review originally appeared at USA Today's Happy Ever After blog)
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CONTENT:EDGIER due to PDA and some mild language
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