Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Final Cover Reveal for THE RYN (I think some trumpets just did a little "Da-da-da-daaa!" somewhere)

You probably remember that a couple of weeks ago I gave EIR readers an opportunity to offer feedback to help me choose between two possible covers for my debut novel, THE RYN. Well, after discussing the 50/50 split with lovely cover designer Jodie Gerling we decided to do a 3rd cover (yes, I'm high maintenance like that!) that would combine your favorite features (and mine) from the original two choices. 

So... (drum roll, please!) here it is, the final cover for THE RYN, releasing 3/26/13.

How'd we do?

Want more info about the novel? Check out what Rel has to say over at Relz Reviewz where she features THE RYN (and me! + a sneak peek via a teaser scene!) in an author feature today.


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