Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tri-Giveaway DAY 2 The Jewel Trilogy by Hallee Bridgeman

This week we are featuring author Hallee Bridgeman and her Jewel Trilogy, which is garnering rave reviews at both Amazon and Goodreads. Today, I'll give you the scoop on books 1 & 2 as well as on our interesting Tri-Giveaway. Come back tomorrow for the scoop on Book 3 (and more on that giveaway!) and Friday for the dish on the bonus novella in the series!

Book 1: Sapphire Ice
To Robin Bartlett, men were nothing more than violent users. After a hair-raising childhood, Robin and her two younger half sisters battled simply to survive. Determined to give her sisters a very different life from that of their mother; to never have to rely on a man for anything, she worked two jobs and put them both through college, while accepting help from no one. Her heart had turned to ice and she had no use for men or God.

Antonio "Tony" Viscolli had grown up on the streets, homeless. At seventeen, he entered a downtown church with the intent of casing it, but found himself on his knees at the alter. After being fostered by the youth minister, Tony followed God's leading and eventually became a very successful and powerful businessman. In a fallen world, he was a gem.

When Tony bought the restaurant where Robin bartended, she immediately resented his intrusion into her well ordered, but exhausting, life. She suspected his offering her special attention and constant kindness was merely his way of expecting something from her in return, something she wasn't willing to give.

Tony knew God had led him to Robin. Would she ever allow herself to trust him? Could she ever allow herself to trust God? Or would the winter of their tragic youth rise from the shadows of the past and freeze any chance at happiness?

Book 2: Emerald Fire
A terrifying past imprisoned Maxine Bartlett all her adult life, shackling her with fear anytime a man even touched her.

In a spontaneous weekend, she unintentionally elopes with an unlikely groom. After a magical wedding night filled with love and passion, "Maxi" finally discards her dreadful chains.

She doesn't know that her new husband has turned his back on God. Worried over how the world might see the completely unexpected – and some would certainly say inappropriate – marriage, in his pride he promises Maxine a quiet annulment.

Unwilling to let their marriage disappear as if it never happened, Maxine refuses to cooperate. Seeking God's will, she moves in with him and informs him that when he decides to act like her husband again, he will find his loving wife waiting for him right there in their home. As the days stretch into weeks, the newlyweds slowly begin to trust and even love each other.

Then, just as they begin to live the "happily ever after" love story that neither of them ever dreamed could come true, a sudden and nightmarish catastrophe strikes that could wreck everything. Will her husband realize that he must trust God once more? Can he find peace and strength enough to carry them through the flames?

Hallee Bridgeman has generously offered her Jewel Trilogy for giveaway here at EIR. Since it's a trilogy, I've decided to do a 3 post entry process! To enter, do this:

1. Leave the message "I came back!" in the comments section of this post

2. Come back tomorrow (Wednesday 2/27/13) to read about the final book in the Jewel Trilogy and leave the message: "Three for three!" in the comments section.

3. Leave a comment on Hallee's guest post from Tuesday, 2/26/13 (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) with your spam-free email address (jane dot doe at jmail dot com)

The fine print: To win the trilogy, you must leave a "trilogy" of your own -- a comment including required text -- following each post. Thanks for stopping by! Giveaway winner must have entered the required text (quotation marks not necessary!) at appropriate posts by Sunday, March 3, 2013. Qualified entrants will be chosen using and contacted via the email address provided on day 1.

And, just to make it easier, I will leave the first comment of the day each day as an example! Good luck!


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