Monday, February 04, 2013


Soon after I began reviewing books for USA Today's Happy Ever After blog, my mailbox became smaller, due to the number of books I receive from publishers, publicists, and authors. Some I've requested... but most I have not. (Not that I'm complaining!) Unfortunately, I don't have time to read and review every book that is sent to me. Over the last few months I've gotten several that look really good... but I just haven't been able to fit them into my schedule. Once again, my stacks of books are overflowing onto the floor, the counters... pretty much every possible surface of my home. So to help save them from falling off my teetering stacks, I thought I would tell you about a few of them this week AND give you a chance to WIN 3 for yourself! (Giveaway details will follow below)

First up: BEES IN THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN by Maureen Lang

What it's about (from the publisher, TYNDALE HOUSE BOOKS): 
Raised in an exclusive boarding school among Fifth Avenue’s finest, Meg Davenport has all she’s ever needed . . . but none of the things she’s wanted most, like family, or dreams of a future that includes anything other than finding a suitable match. So when her distant father dies, she seizes the chance to throw etiquette aside and do as she pleases. Especially when she learns that John Davenport wasn’t the wealthy businessman she thought, but one of the Gilded Age’s most talented thieves.

Poised to lead those loyal to Meg’s father, Ian Maguire knows the last thing his mentor would have wanted is for his beloved daughter to follow in his footsteps. Yet Meg is determined, and her connections to one of New York’s wealthiest families could help Ian pull off his biggest heist yet. But are they both in over their heads? And in trying to gain everything, will they end up losing it all?

Here's how you enter the giveaway!

Simply leave a comment below, including your spam-free, spelled-out email (jane dot doe at jmail dot com) and you will be entered to win ALL THREE books that will be mentioned in this series of posts. Giveaway is open until Saturday, February 9, 2013 and each post will have an opportunity to enter in the "comments" section. The winner will be chosen by using and contacted via the email address provided.

Bees in the Butterfly Garden has gotten rave reviews from many book bloggers I trust and I really wish I had time to read it! But since it has been taunting me for months from its place on my teetering stacks (and considering it released in June and I haven't gotten to it yet) I think it's time to bid it adieu... and give it to you!


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