Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Teetering Stacks #2 GIVEAWAY!

Throughout my house, stacks of books are overflowing onto the floor, the counters... pretty much every possible surface. To help save them from falling off my teetering stacks, I thought I would tell you about a few of them this week AND give you a chance to WIN 3 for yourself! (Giveaway details will follow below)

First up was BEES IN THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN by Maureen Lang CLICK HERE to read more about it!

And the next book in the giveaway is: WHERE THE TRAIL ENDS by Melanie Dobson

Here's what it's about (from the back cover):
For two thousand miles along the trail to Oregon Country, Samantha Waldron and her family must overcome tremendous challenges to reach the Willamette Valley before winter. Together they weather autumn storms, hunger and thirst, and the dangers of a wild and unfamiliar country. But when their canoe capsizes on the Columbia River, they must rely on British exporter Lord Alexander Clarke to rescue them from the icy waters.

Alex escorts Samantha and her young brother, Micah, to Fort Vancouver. There Samantha is overwhelmed with men vying for her affections, but the only one who intrigues her--Alex--is the one she cannot have. The ship will soon arrive from England to carry him home, back to his betrothed and a different world. Samantha becomes determined to create a home for herself and Micah in the fertile valley far away from the fort, but how will an unmarried woman support herself and her brother alone? When Micah disappears into the wilderness one rainy night, Samantha must rely on the man she loves--the man she's trying desperately to forget--to rescue her brother before it's too late.

Here's how you enter the giveaway!

Simply leave a comment below, including your spam-free, spelled-out email (jane dot doe at jmail dot com) and you will be entered to win ALL THREE books that will be mentioned in this series of posts. Giveaway is open until Saturday, February 9, 2013 and each post will have an opportunity to enter in the "comments" section. The winner will be chosen by using and contacted via the email address provided.


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