Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Locks! Guest Post by Sandra Byrd

Please welcome our guest, bestselling author Sandra Byrd 
and allow her to accompany you on a romantic stroll in Paris 
as we join her in celebrating the re-release of her
French Twist Trilogy.

Locked Lips & Love Locks in Paris
by Sandra Byrd

When I first told a friend that I was writing a post on the Love Locks of Paris, she teasingly asked if they related to chastity locks: those early medieval belts by which a Crusaders was supposed to reassure himself that his girl would remain true. Not quite!

Wander along the lovely Seine in Paris; stop at any number of bridges to enjoy a crepe, and the view. Many places you'll notice the webbed metal railings alongside the stonemasonry and clasped to them are hundreds, often thousands, of padlocks. Sometimes they're thinly scattered, with ribbons aflutter, sometimes they're as thick as hoarding like bees on a honeycomb. Although locks with lovers names have a history throughout European bridges dating back perhaps a hundred years, in Paris, they only began to show up in 2000. Most often they have "his" and "her" names on either side of the lock and then are hooked, permanently they hope, to the side of a bridge in the City of Light and Love. As long as the lock, lasts, so goes the hope, so shall the love.

According to an article in The New York Times, "The Paris town hall expressed concern: what about the architectural integrity of the Parisian landscape? One night about two years ago, someone cut through the wires and removed all the locks on one of the bridges. But in just a few months, locks of all sizes and colors reappeared, more conspicuous than ever."

Alas, keeping love alive requires more than simply firmly clasping a lock to keep your lover true, whether it be a chastity lock or hooking a Shlage or Kwikset through the rails of a Parisian bridge. As French philosopher Marcel Proust, "We only love what we do not wholly possess." Isn't that the very opposite of a lockdown? Much better to lock lips, and perhaps put a ring on it, instead.

What do you say - delightful ode to eternal love or deadly-locked display? What makes love last for you?
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Bon Appetit (French Twist #2)
Piece de Resistance (French Twist #3)

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