Thursday, February 14, 2013

HELP-PICK-A-COVER GIVEAWAY! Be one of the 1st to read Serena's debut novel!

Cover choice #1

In honor of Valentine's Day (and because I was in the mood to do a little not-quite-shameless self-promotion) I am giving away a pre-release electronic (Kindle) copy of my debut YA romantic fantasy novel, THE RYN! 

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me which of these lovely book covers is your favorite... and why! (additional disclosure at bottom)

To help with your decision, here's a little bit about the book: 

DESTINED by prophecy. 
GUARDED by deception. 
PURSUED by Love.

Centuries ago, an oracle foretold of a young woman who would wield the power to defeat E’veria’s most ancient enemies, the Cobelds. But after two centuries of relative peace, both the prophecy and the Cobelds have been relegated to lore—and only a few remain watchful for the promised Ryn. 

Finally, a child is born who matches the oracle’s description, but a Cobeld’s curse accompanies her birth. Led to believe they succeeded in killing the prophesied child, the Cobelds emerge from hiding, whispering infirmity and death upon anyone who dares to cross their path.

But the child survived.

Cover choice #2
Secreted away and called “Rose” for the first nineteen years of her life, Rynnaia E'veri has no idea of her true identity until a chance meeting with an injured knight reveals not only her parentage and true name, but the task assigned her by the oracle: discover the Remedy that will destroy the Cobelds' power.           

Now, her time has come.

Offered the assistance of pirates, scribes, storytellers, a young woman who died centuries ago,  and the knight who is quickly working his way into her heart, Rynnaia is fortified with friends. But if the Ryn is to complete her task, she must come to terms not only with who she is, but for whom she must be willing to die. For the kingdom’s survival depends on her.

Releasing 3/26/13, THE RYN begins an expanded re-imagining of the classic Grimm fairy tale, Snow White & Rose Red. Book 2, THE REMEDY, is scheduled for release April 2013.

GIVEAWAY RUNS THROUGH 11:59 pm on 2/20/2013 and is open to anyone with a valid email address unless prohibited by law. Please see the additional fine print below. If you do not have a Kindle you can download the FREE Kindle app for Android devices HERE. There is also a Kindle app for PCs. (Perhaps it's the same. I don't know. I am not a nerd and I do not possess that sort of tech knowledge.) Winners will be chosen using 

THE FINE PRINT (that I'm nice enough to make big enough to read): By entering the contest you agree that, if you are chosen as the winner of this giveaway of THE RYN by Serena Chase, you will not share, copy, or otherwise distribute this Advance Reader e-Copy by any means physical, electronic or otherwise unless given express written permission from the author or from the publisher, Candent Gate LLC.

I hope you all have a lovely, romantic Valentine's Day and that somewhere in the midst of the hearts and flowers and chocolates you take a moment to remember the One True Love who chases after your heart.


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