Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BEWARE OF ROMANCE NOVELS! (please note the sarcasm)

Over the past couple of years I've been troubled by the negative press and response romance fiction (including Christian romance) has received, specifically in the Christian community and sometimes even from the leadership of my own church. Joy and I have both commented on this controversy in the past, venting, as it were, our frustration and ire in response to the sometimes outlandish and even offensive claims made by those who oppose romantic fiction; claims that imply women aren't smart enough to tell the difference between reality and a character in a story.


But that would be like me saying that everyone who touts that belief is a Neanderthal, wouldn't it? But, of course I wouldn't be so closed-minded and prejudicial as that.  Would I?

Heh, heh. heh.

Perhaps that frustration is what led me to pose some of those questions (and more!) to nine diverse authors in a 5-part feature article for USA Today's Happy Ever After blog. 

Part 3 of this feature speaks specifically to the touchy subject above, but I think, as romance readers, you will appreciate the entire series.

CLICK HERE for Part 1

CLICK HERE for Part 2

CLICK HERE for Part 3 (linked also above)

CLICK HERE for Part 4

CLICK HERE for Part 5

Please forgive me for shamelessly promoting my work at HEA -- I believe this is a very important discussion and I hope you will join in. So hop on over to USA Today's HEA blog and see what some of our fave authors of Edgy Inspirational Romance (like Tamara Leigh, Lisa T. Bergren, Rachel Hauck, Kathy Tyers, & Sharon Hinck) as well as some great mainstream romance and YA authors (like Shannon Hale, Anne Browning Walker, Lizbeth Selvig, and Sharon Cameron) have to say in response to these ideas... and more!
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