Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: A DANGEROUS STAGE by Camy Tang

What it's about (courtesy of publisher Zondervan):
Tessa Lancaster worked for her uncle in the Japanese mafia until she was sent to prison for a murder she didn't commit. Now, after finding God behind bars, she takes odd jobs as a bodyguard to keep her distance from the family business. In A Dangerous Stage, the second book in Camy Tang's Protection for Hire series, Tessa gets caught up in the web of lies surrounding a shady singing competition. Hired by one of the contestants, she works with Charles Britton — the lawyer who sent her to prison — to discover the dark figures manipulating the contest from behind the scenes. Tessa's abilities will be tested like never before as she's forced to balance the safety of her client's family and her deepening relationship with Charles. In the midst of the chaos, she holds on to her faith to keep her safe and bring down the shadowy organization.
Why you should read it: Like a great action flick, A Dangerous Stage opens with a bang when a car chase involving professional bodyguard Tessa Lancaster, her client and her client's abusive ex, ends with Tessa's car totaled and her face bloodied in front of a mafia-owned club. But you should see the other guy.
Camy Tang's second Protection for Hire novel doesn't even hint at the dreaded "sophomore slump" common to many series. Tessa is just as tough on the outside and just as fragile on the inside as she was in the first book; and the afflicted attraction between the beautiful ex-con and Charles, the lawyer responsible for extending her sentence, is more volatile than ever. A Dangerous Stage is an engaging and action-packed story with plenty of romantic tension … and one particular kiss will leave you gasping as if you just took a sucker punch to the heart.
Tidbit: Camy Tang is a huge fan of TV shows with smart, strong and kick-butt female leads, so discerning fans of NikitaAliasCovert AffairsThe Sarah Connor Chronicles and even SyFy's Eureka, may find little references to those programs in the Protection for Hire series.
Post note: Camy Tang has inspired a new addiction for me! Since talking about favorite TV shows with Camy, I have become addicted to Nikita. While folding laundry and engaging in various wrapping chores while waiting for my new laptop to arrive (see previous post!) I've managed to watch 15 episodes of Season 1 on Netflix.. (Yes, another 15. Go figure.) If you like girl power justice and haven't yet discovered the series Nikita, get on it! What fun! And I can't help but picture a blonde Maggie Q (who plays Nikita) as Tessa Lancaster!


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