Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Every Breath You Take by M.K. Gilroy

The scoop: A high-profile murder tied to a dating service has the Chicago news media buzzing. Who better to go undercover in the world of personal profiles and promising matches than an ace detective who is single and as attractive as she is tough? Detective Kristen Conner can't figure out her own dating life, but she is about to get a crash course on finding true love -- or at least a Friday night date -- and become the object of a killer's affections.(from the publisher)
What I have to say: Make sure you read Gilroy's Cuts Like A Knife before diving into Book Two of his Kristen Conner serie. This is a must to really appreciate the development of this character and her environment. (If you're squeamish about the Book 1 serial killer, however, you can rest assured that the creepy inside-the-mind-of-a-killer point-of-view breaks in Book 1 aren't nearly as eerie (due to a different sort of villain) in this second book.) 
Kristen Conner is the freshest female voice to hit the Christian market in a long time. Perhaps because she's written by a dude? Hmm. In any case, she's as driven and tough professionally as she is a marshmallow when it comes to her family. She's beautiful, but doesn't believe it. She can't shoot worth a hoot, but can knock an assailant twice her size on their butt with her hand-to-hand fighting skills. I can't help it. I like her. As I've said before, she's Miss Congeniality-meets-Castle's Kate Beckett; a lethal, smart, and fun combo if ever there was one.
In the first book Detective Conner had anger issues that she grudgingly admitted to with sarcastic, self-deprecating sidebar remarks that were all sorts of fun. In book two she isn't so angry, but admits to being too judgmental with the same trademark dry humor that hooked me in book one.
Although the villain of this particular crime doesn't get into your head quite as much as "The Cutter Shark" did in Gilroy's first Kristen Conner novel, there are pieces of the Cutter Shark still lingering in the background of this story, giving an overall darkness to the tale that promises to linger through the series.
Tidbit: In an HEA interview, the author said my HEA review of Cuts Like a Knife inspired him to amp up the romance in book two. And indeed he did thicken the thread … but with a light enough hand that it didn't alter the tough self-sufficiency of Kristen's character. I still would have liked to have seen more actual interaction between FBI Special Agent Reynolds and Kristen, but I'll be excited to watch the romance continue to grow with Kristen and the series.

The majority of this review first appeared at USA Today's Happy Ever After Blog

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