Friday, September 21, 2012

Working for the Weekend

I've been working under some crazy, self-imposed deadlines the past few months. But, oh... glory! I met the last "big one" for a while earlier tonight and got that novel sent off to a fresh editor for its second comprehensive edit. Whew! I'm ready for a break!

Boo-yah, baby! It's the weekend! And a weekend I do not have to work through.

Now that's new.

So what have I been working on besides my usual reading and writing about reading? Well, I'm calling it an epic re-imagining of a fairy tale. And, at least at this point, I'm planning to self-publish it Spring 2013.

Why self publish?

Well, there are a lot of reasons. The first of which is: the stigma is dying. Have you seen the awesome self-published stuff by authors like Tamara Leigh and Lisa T. Bergren? Fantastic. These ladies are paving the way with well-written, well-edited novels that simply sing.

Oh, sure, there are some real stinkers still flying out of unready, but hopeful hands and into the e-pubbing (and even self-pubbed print!) world. For those who go straight to e-pub without spending time and money on edits and rewrites, well... self-pubbing is pretty cheap. And vain. And a bad idea. Because editing and rewriting and more editing is... necessary. Especially for a self-publishing author. The problem is, editing and rewriting (with guidance) is EXPENSIVE!!!! (Believe me. I know.) But it's so worth it. So worth it.

(And I'm going to keep telling myself that when we go another year without a family vacation so Mommy can keep playing with her imaginary friends.)

I've lived with different versions of this particular manuscript for nearly seven years. Yes, seven years. I can't believe it's been that long, but it has. Sure, I've written other things in between. I have two other completed novels -- one of which has already been through two rounds of comprehensive professional edits! -- but I've shelved it for the time being in favor of this one... this fairytale that grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go. This one that I was willing to give up the time, money, pride, and a good portion of my sanity to see it become something of excellence.

At least I hope it is becoming something of excellence. But only time, and readers, will tell.

In the meantime, I'm working on cover design, branding, and all those marketing details that will need to fall into place when my baby gets birthed next spring. Because I have to be not only the author, but the publisher, the marketing department, the financial department, and the publicity department. (That old Amy Grant song "Hats" just went through my mind for some reason.)

So what am I doing this weekend?

Right now, the plan is: Rest. Talk to my kids and see if they remember me. Maybe find out if Ellerie still likes to play Candyland. See if my family still recognizes me if I show up in the kitchen with an actual plan for dinner. Clean my house. Or not. Maybe I'll watch a little Warehouse 13 on NetFlix. Or visit Pinterest just because I can. With any luck at all, I'll eat some good quality chocolate. And if the dog lets me? I would dearly love to sleep in.

Cuz next week... I'm back at it. There's another book sitting in my inbox, just back from its FIRST round of comprehensive edits, but... I haven't looked at it yet. And I'm determined not to attack the rewrite until Monday.

At least that's what I'm telling myself right now.

It's good to have a plan. But I'm cool with ditching the whole thing if he opportunity to do something spontaneous without guilt comes along!

So what do you do to unwind when you've finished a season of craziness? I'd love to know.
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