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My Book Boyfriend: NICK FARNSWORTH

My book boyfriend for this week is one that I can only imagine will linger in my mind for a very long time. He's just. that. yummy. So yummy, in fact, that the heroine of the novel refers to his eyes as "chocolates." Mm-hmm.
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1st pubbed in 2006
Stealing Adda is a novel Tamara Leigh first published (cover, left) in 2006, but updated and re-released with a fresh new cover this past May(below, right.) I wish I would have discovered back then (consider this a 5 couples endorsement, y'all!) but am so glad that I found it now. So before we get into why the man in this book is my pick for fave fictional boyfriend of the week, let me tell you a bit about the novel I had SO MUCH FUN reading this past weekend.

Re-released May 2012
Adda Sinclair is a bestselling romance novelist. After a nasty divorce she's embraced single life. And by single life, I mean holing up in her apartment with her laptop. So... not a lot going on to inspire another bestseller. And there is where we meet her. In between battling writer's block, rumors of a hot relationship with a sexy romance cover model, allegations of plagiarism, and the daily concern of whether or not her nails are in tip-top form, Adda is being courted by a new publisher: Intrepid and its handsome president, Nick Farnsworth, who doesn't believe in  mixing business with pleasure.

I loved loved loved this novel and recently gushed that Nick is one of the best-written, most believable heroes I've fallen in love with in quite some time. I loved Adda's voice and found her entirely authentic thanks to the quirky habits and honest heart that define her. And I certainly loved Nick, who broke right into my imagination and stole my heart. So, without further ado, here's why Nick Farnsworth from Stealing Adda is my book boyfriend this week.

STATS: How does Nick Farnsworth measure up?

And, just FYI: Hugh Jackman would be my pick to play the part of
NICK FARNSWORTH in Tamara Leigh's Stealing Adda
(for a great photo, visit IMDb

Tops six feet. Broad shouldered. Jet black hair, silvered at the temples. Early 40s. "a breath-stopper." Brilliant white teeth, and a left cleft dimple when he smiles. Eyes: chocolate. Yes, chocolate. And once she decides to name them, rarely again will she refer to his "eyes"; instead, Adda refers to his "chocolates." Ahhhh.

Oh, and he always pulls out a lady's chair for her.

Nick is the president of Intrepid Publishing. He's the "black sheep" of his family; the youngest son of the Farnsworth Publishing empire (Adda's current publisher!) who, years ago, left Farnsworth Publishing under bad terms and now seeks to acquire one of their top-selling author's for Intrepid Publishing's new line. Yep, Adda. He just has no idea what he's getting himself into.

When he grabbed me: 
Well, he had me at that dimple, without saying a word. Yep. Breathtaking. And the few words leading up to that ill-advised first kiss in his office... whew! Since my hunky hubs just turned 44, I guess you could say I'm into guys that age! (Well, one of them anyway... no worries, Dave!)But you younger gals need not worry about thinking he's too old. This guy is sexy. And Adda knows it.

If you like chick-lit romance and have been missing it, check out this novel ASAP... and Nick! (PS: The updated Kindle version is only $2.99 on Amazon! Money well spent!) Be prepared to laugh out loud and to let your heart get tugged a little, too. You'll also enjoy some particularly awesome kiss scenes and be glad for the tastefully edgy way Tamara Leigh pens desire.

And while you're over there buying your copy of STEALING ADDA, check out Tamara's other recent Kindle release, DREAMSPELL -- a time-travel fantasy romance that has an entirely different feel from this novel, but is also a total MUST READ! (for more on that, read my REVIEW and MY 2-part INTERVIEW with the author!)

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