Friday, July 13, 2012

Protecting Paper Books... CONTEST!

This post is not at all about what you probably think it might be about, so let's get this out of the way right off the bat:  I love e-books. I love my Kindle. This post is not some diatribe against the evolving world of book publishing or an essay of angst on the dying beauty of holding a physical book in your hands. I am a certifiable e-book convert, so this is a plea, on behalf of my burgeoning bookshelves, to save the lives of the paperback tomes that litter the floor around them.

You see, I receive 1-4 books weekly (yes, WEEKLY!) from enthusiastic authors, publishers, and publicists looking to build internet momentum and sales. It's awesome really. I mean, FREE BOOKS?! I smile every time I approach my mailbox or see the UPS man or FedEx lady at my door. I can't tell you how much I love my job!
age 11-1/2 weeks

But... I have a puppy.

And he loves to devour literature, too.  Just a bit more literally than I.

Let me introduce you.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian, the Second, came to live with us one cold Saturday in April when he was 11-1/2 weeks old. Albus is an F1B Goldendoodle (at least I think that is the right combo of letters and numbers) which means, in short, his mama was a Goldendoodle (1/2 Golden Retriever & 1/2 Standard Poodle) and his daddy was a Standard Poodle. It also means that he doesn't shed. At all. I mean, seriously, you can run a wet hand over his fluffy white coat and it will come away clean. The most frequent comment we get from guests (following the gasp) is, "He looks like a teddy bear! He doesn't even look real!" So, aside from the obvious benefits of having a dog with whom even the allergic dog lovers in my house can snuggle with utter abandon, he is undeniably adorable.
It's a rough life,
devouring all that literature.
Big surprise (not) to you Harry Potter fans out there, Albus was named after the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Professor Albus Dumbledore. Yes, we're fans. And it fits him... sort of. I mean, just look at that face. Doesn't he look just a little bit like a wise old man? Ah, yes. But looks can be deceiving, can't they? If only my Albus had a bit of the calm reserve of his venerable, yet playful namesake. My Albus, however, has not yet mastered the virtue of self-control. Instead, anything within my Albus's ever-expanding reach, especially if it's made of paper, is the most delightful substance to tear, chew, and, apparently, try to digest.
his halo, also,
is often a little askew

Alas, I'm reminded (sometimes hourly) that even Albus the First went through a period of wildness in his youth (with even more drastic consequences) before he became the beloved Headmaster whose desire to protect the good outweighed his greed nature (for more on that, read  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. But don't bother if you haven't read the other 6 books yet. Seriously. You'll be lost.)**Yes, I would love to post a picture of the original Professor Dumbledore to compare next to my version, but since you know who -- no, not that You Know Who! -- owns all rights to all things HP, I must decline.**

For now, however, Albus the Second is a greedy little (well, big now!) puppy who destroys a lot of stuff. I've lost books, notebooks, entire boxes of Kleenexes, a bath mat, and at least three pair of shoes to Albus's destructive glee. Therefore, I've devised a contest to help me keep some of these books, at least, out of his reach; and to give you, dear reader, some new reading material, in paper form. I am proud to announce the:

Protect Paper Books From My Puppy Contest!!!
For those of you who kept reading this post even after my dog-naming, fan-love endorsement of Potter, I have A BRAND NEW giveaway of EPIC proportions. I have many books that need a new home, from every conceivable sub-category of Inspirational Romance. I have Suspense, YA, Historical, Contemporary, Chick-lit, Rom-com, Amish, speculative fiction... you name it, I probably have it. But I'm out of room and Albus has a sensitive stomach. (Gee, I wonder why!) Some of these novels are titles I've reviewed here (or over at USA Today's Happy Ever After. Or both), some I've declined, and some I just didn't have time to read and they've passed their expiration dates for review. I'll freely admit that one or two might have bite marks on the covers... or tape putting the cover back together after having been ripped of by McFluffy (one of Albus's nicknames) but they are still quite readable. Most are still in like-new or nearly-new condition, just forced to live in fear on the floor space around my bookshelves!!
Your participation can help ensure their survival.
Heh, heh. That sounded dramatic, didn't it???
Read the directions below and ENTER TO WIN! I will keep your preferences in mind and, if you are a winner, I will include in your box at least one book that comes from from a sub-cat you adore... if not more.

But you can't have my puppy. I mean, he's snuggletacular, right?
ALBUS: just shy of 5 months old
Leave a comment below stating the following 4, (well, 5 really--so read directions carefully!) things:

1. A non-review topic you'd like to see me address on this blog (it can be anything,  but if relates to reading, writing, blogging, or the like it would be more relevant for me to pursue!)

2. Your top two (in order) fave sub-categories of Inspy romance (feel free to use the numbers from the list above if your fingers are tired from typing or something. I'm all about looking out for your health, you know.)

3. The fictional hero or heroine whose name YOU might consider using for a pet someday AND what sort of pet you would grace with that name. For example, (true story!) I once had a cat named Mr. Knightley (in honor of the hero from Jane Austen's Emma.)

4. Your email addy in spam-free terminology. For example:  jane dot doe at jmail dot com. This is important.

I will send the winner(s) no less than 2 , but up to 4 paperback books (yes, 4!) that fit within their preferred reading parameters. Woot, right? 
The contest is open until July 31, 2012 which happens to be not only my eldest daughter's birthday, but a birthday she shares not only with her grandmother, but with Harry Potter and author, J.K. Rowling, who inspired my destructive puppy's name. Entries will be chosen using the generator at and winner(s) will be contacted via email. Happy reading!


  1. 1. How to get ARCs
    2. YA, contemporary
    3. Darcy, a yorkie (I've said this for years, just waiting to actually get the puppy :)
    4. smilesalot2010 at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. 1. Probably writing your own fiction
    2. Suspense, contemporary
    3. Lucy, a terror
    4. Lourdes11743[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. Okay, Albus is SERIOUSLY cute!

    1. How about what makes a good hero/heroine. And/or your pet peeves--the things you can't overlook in a hero/heroine.

    2. I like Romantic Suspense and YA, but I'm good with really anything except historical and Amish.

    3. We have two cats, and we like to turn their names into all manner of celebrity/character names. For instance, Misiu's nickname is "The Shrew," but he gets called: Shrewfus Wainright, Shrewticus Finch, Dwight Shrewt, etc. If we were to get a dog, we would probably name it Eustace Scrubb.

    4. bookumdookum(at)hotmail(dot)com

  4. Oh my friend, I think I'm in loooooove!!!! Too bad we don't live closer, I'd have Albus over for a playdate with Fozzy.

    This is not an entry, but you could do a series for new bloggers breaking into the book blogging field. Things to do and cautionary tales...

  5. OMG he is so cute. What an awesome post. I adore his name. And what an odd palette.
    (not an entry)

  6. So glad you guys like my puppy! He's sleeping right now, which makes him much more adorable than when he is eating my books!

    Joy -- would love a playdate, but 800 miles with a dog who throws up on hills and corners is not my idea of a fun car trip! Give Fozzy a hug for me, though! Ya gotta love our hypoallergenic dogs -- even when they're behaving in less-than-lovable ways!

    Erin -- ROFLOL on your names! Love! Ah, Eustace Scrubb. One of my all time fave characters.

    Thanks everyone for entering! Tell your friends!

  7. Oops. Sorry. Erynn. Spelled your name wrong!

  8. 1) How you got into blogging and the realities of how much time it takes (considering work, family, and reading)

    2) Historical followed by YA, bonus points if it's an historical YA!

    3) I already have! Two Siamese named Josephine (for Josephine March) and Elizabeth (for Elizabeth Bennett) - they were named as young kittens and their names definitely fit their personalities, though Elizabeth can be such a Darcy sometimes

    4) kathryn.clewell[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks for the chance to win! You and Joy write some of my favorite reviews on the web :)

  9. l. Tell us a bit more about you personally. Are your reviews something you do in addition to your "regular" job or is this your job?
    2. I like historical, suspense, contemporary, chick-lit.
    3. We used to have a cat named Elizabeth.
    4. pmk56[at]sbcglobal[dot]net

    Thanks for having this giveaway. I'd love to help rescue some of your books!

  10. Your puppy is SO adorable! :-) A teddy bear, indeed.

    1 - comparing romance books (as a whole) to romance films - e.g. pros and cons, why certain people are drawn to one or the other medium

    2 - historical, suspense

    3 - Sherlock, for a Doberman Pinsher (can't you just picture one with the hat and pipe?)

    4 - elijahsbunker(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. Elizabeth DennisonJuly 15, 2012 at 12:17 AM

    1. How to write a historical romance suspense and what makes a novel?

    2. Historical, Romance, Suspense and Amish.

    3. Xena-a rotewiler and Gabriella a cat


  12. 1. How about excerpts of what you're currently working on? :)
    2. I like historical the best and contemporary as well,w with a romantic side. Amish-set novels are growing on me lately too.
    3. I would like to have a god (in general) and I think it's be neat to name it "Scout" from To Kill A Mockingbird
    4. bharbin07[at]gmail[dot]com

  13. Woops, I meant to type a dog* named Scout!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. 1.How to go about getting books for reviews,and how to write a good review.
    2.Amish and romance suspense
    3.Gracie for a little dog.

  16. Your blog is so cute!
    1. What's your favorite topic to blog about? & your most profound word of advice for people who want to be authors.
    2. Contemporary!! :) Also rom-com and suspense are good too.
    3. Mr Darcy. He's such an admirable character with such a dense personality.

  17. 1. Inspirational advice for aspiring authors.
    2. Suspense & rom-com
    3. Edward a lab
    4. krhinson(at)

  18. 1. tips for upcoming writers, or maybe your favorite things about blogging
    2. chick-lit, rom-com, suspense, historical. i'm honestly not that picky.
    3. Atticus, maybe for a cat (from To Kill A Mockingbird)
    4. anniejohnson10 at yahoo dot com

    by the way, i can sympathize with the adorable-yet-destructive dog thing. my dog Murphy loves to devour anything in sight (grocery lists, chew toys, chewing gum, etc.)

  19. 1. How to create an APP for cookbooks? (that way you'll have my cookbook on your IPAD or phone & can just look up the recipe at the grocery store!
    2. I love inspirational romance in any time period! Do I have to pick 2? Western and Historical then.
    3. Rooster Cogburn (miniature Sheltie we had) and Eula.
    4. missionwife at hotmail dot com

  20. 1. How to write great natural-sounding dialogue between characters
    2. Suspense is my latest addiction!
    3. Mrs. Bennet!
    4. kandrajane at bellsouth dot net

  21. 1. I always find posts regarding debates and opinions about such topics as ereaders vs. print, self-pub vs. pub etc.

    2. historical fic & chick lit

    3. Darcy (except I do not have a pet)

    4. singitm(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Fantastic giveaway thank you!


  22. Thanks, everyone for your entries, comments, and topic suggestions!

    This contest is now closed, as it is August 1st and, as of yesterday, Harry, Jo, and my firstborn Delaney Olivia, are all officially 1 year older.(I can't believe my baby girl is 15! And going into her sophomore year! AAAACCCHHH!)

    Winners will be contacted and announced soon!

    Thanks again, all! From me... and my paperbacks! ;)


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