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Katie Ganshert's debut novel, WILDFLOWERS FROM WINTER takes place in Iowa and features a down-home farm boy as its romantic hero. Being an Iowa farm girl myself, I couldn't resist latching on to Evan for a MY BOOK BOYFRIEND post.

 My Book Boyfriend is an original meme created by Missie atThe Unread Reader. For more information on the guidelines for using this meme on your blog, go to THIS DIRECT LINK.  

Evan Price drives a pick-up truck, lives in an old farmhouse, and listens to country music: of course I had to pick a country singer to play Evan. And I picked Luke Bryan. He's got that down home, farm boy cuteness that says, "Yes, I can be charming when I want to be, but I earned my biceps by pitching manure."

Now I know y'all want the deets on Evan Price, but since I already gave away my signed copy of WILDFLOWERS FROM WINTER (to Edgy Inspirational Romance reader Linda Kish -- Congrats, Linda!) I contacted Evan's creator, author Katie Ganshert for the real scoop. Like me, Katie's also an Iowa girl, and, sweet gal that she is, Ms. Ganshert gave me the lowdown on  Evan as a character -- and as a romantic lead. Here's what Katie said:

Brief Physical Description of Evan Price, courtesy of Katie Ganshert:
Evan Price is a little over six feet, with broad shoulders, hazel eyes, and brown hair. He's very casual about his dress and has some nice, defined muscles from all that farmin'. I imagine him to look like a scruffy, hazel-eyed version of Chris Pine. He's incredibly loyal, protective (sometimes to a fault), and hardworking with a sizable stubborn streak. Evan is your classic rock-like character. But he's a sexy rock! He's also a great dancer who knows how to lead a lady on the dance floor.


Katie picked out the following passages from her novel to show why this farm boy hottie is our book boyfriend this week:

"I'm an adult. I don't need to be taken care of."
Evan leaned over the railing, the cold metal stinging his palms. "Everybody needs to be taken care of, Bethany."
"Not me."
Evan glanced at his coat wrapped around her shoulders and smiled. Sure you don't. 

"We can't both lead here." His breath tickled her ear.
"I'm not leading."
"You're not following either."
"That's because I don't want to dance." She stepped on his foot and the heat in her cheeks exploded. "Evan, I have no idea what I'm doing."
"Bethany, it doesn't matter." He pulled her closer. "Because I do."

"You looked"--she motioned to his flannel pajama bottoms and Fruit of the Loom undershirt--"ready for bed."
Evan couldn't help it. The smile he'd attempted to suppress broke through. Bethany was embarrassed about catching him in his pajamas. It was cute. 

"All you ever think about is business."
"And all you ever think about is farming."
"Not true. In fact, tonight I was thinking about a lot of things."
She narrowed her eyes. "Like what?"
"A wife and children, actually."
Crimson spread down her neck and disappeared beneath her jacket.

Before she could heed the logical side of her brain, he opened her door and rested one hand on the roof of her car, the epitome of calm and collected.
He tipped his head, his cheek dimpling with a suppressed grin. "Bethany."
And then they spoke at the same time. 
"To what do I owe this--"
"I need my purse."
He blinked.
Bethany swallowed. "I left it on your kitchen table."
He straightened and backed away. "And here I thought you were coming over to wish me happy birthday."
The lighthearted tone of his voice baffled here. Seriously. Had last night not happened? Has her deluded mind somehow made up the entire almost-kiss scenario? Her eyebrows drew together. He stood there in his sleeveless T-shirt, showing off tanned, rippling biceps she didn't want to notice and looked nothing but amused. 

A special thanks to Katie Ganshert for helping me show why our homeboy Evan Price is such a good catch! Make sure you check out my review of WILDFLOWERS FROM WINTER and the results of my stalking expedition when I tracked Katie down at a BOOKS-A-MILLION recently! Then, head over to Missie's blog, The Unread Reader, and see all the delicious picks for this week's MY BOOK BOYFRIEND weekly meme. Thanks for stopping by -- come back often!


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