Thursday, April 26, 2012

Talk about your pinning habit... win some books!

About three weeks ago I took the plunge and signed up for Pinterest. The original idea -- my "motivation", if you will -- was to use these boards as part of my platform to promote my writing; to show a personal side of me to the readers of my reviews and interviews... and to the future readers of my novels.

That was the plan. Unfortunately, Pinterest turned out to be a whole lot of time-eating fun. Sure, I have a couple of boards dedicated to my writing, such as "Authors I've Interviewed" and "WIP Inspiration" but I've got a whole lot more dedicated to home decorating, humor, recipes and DIY. Feel free to go on over and have a look around at MY BOARDS, but I do warn you: once the pinning bug hits you, it's pretty doggone addictive!

I've decided that I must, in the interest of actually WRITING, declare "pin free days" and severely limit my board perusing in order to avoid the time-sucking phenomenon that is Pinterest. Since I have a novella to revise, 3 books to read and review and 2 interviews to complete before May 5th, a blog that I've been neglecting (sorry!) and a family and home to care for... oh, and a job... it is necessary for me to set some limits concerning the magic red P button.

So... I'm interested to know how many of you have been bitten by the pinning bug? For what purpose do you use Pinterest and... what strategies do you employ to guard your time so you are available for more important things? Things like reading.

Leave your comments and email addy below in spam-free lingo (such as doe dot jane at jmail dot com) and on May 8th I will draw a name to receive a special prize package of 3, yes,THREE recently released novels including: The Irish Healer by Nancy Herriman, Downfall by Terri Blackstock, and Tracey Bateman's May 8 release The Widow of Saunders Creek.

Good luck! And may your addiction to pinning not interfere with your addiction to reading, because books are where it's at!

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to hearing from you!


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