Monday, February 20, 2012

Do you write edgy Christian fiction?

Alternative Witness Magazine put out a call for submissions. Their debut issue is March 2012.

From their website:

There are circumstances of life, fact or fiction, which cause people to be in awe of faith. The faithful become living witnesses in a culture who have clung to alternatives other than God. They’ve forgotten Who came first and treat Him as though He is the alternative.

This magazine will showcase short fictional stories (800-3000 words) at a rate of one per week until we are firmly established. The authors who publish with us will be featured in our online ezine as well as have the opportunity to be in a printed ‘best of’ anthology. We’ll also host reader’s choice awards.

We want genre fiction. We want edgy. We want hot button issues that others shy from. Christian Horror, SciFi, Speculative, Contemporary with an Edge? - great! Story of Abuse and bullying – go there. But let’s keep it clean and inspirational. No swearing, no explicit sex or violence.

Send submissions to:


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