Monday, February 13, 2012

Do you lean towards loopy on Valentine's Day?

It’s way easy to get swept up in the romance of Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolate, love notes. And here’s a radical truth: not one of those things is bad. God loves a good love story, so there’s no shame in enjoying flowers, chocolates and sweet nothings. The problem only comes when we go overboard, when we compromise our values or give ourselves away or put all of those things above the one who loves us most.

So what can we do to keep ourselves grounded while enjoying the good things of Valentine’s Day?

Start with keeping your first love straight. Get swept off your feet by his love. Since God is the author of romance (shoot, he IS romance), let yourself get lost in him. After all, he loves in brilliant color, he writes love notes in the stars and paints sunsets for your pleasure.

Love him first. Then if someone catches your eye or presents you with roses, chocolate caramels and mushy words, you won’t go loopy and make decisions you’ll regret. You’ll be able to enjoy the moment, return the kindness and stay perfectly grounded.

And if you’re still worried – or you’re one to be overly wooed by wildflowers, then bring in some accountability. Ask a friend, parent or sibling to help keep your feet on the ground. It also helps to plan ahead. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re spending hours alone smooching or steaming up car windows.

Use good judgment, enjoy the day and if you’re weak, surround yourself with strength.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Your friend,


Elsa Kok Colopy is passionate about purity. As a Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS) author and former editor for Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family magazine, Colopy understands the profound impact of teen purity on the hearts of young women and on the health of their future families. Colopy is the author of five books, including 99 Ways to Fight Worry and Stress and The Single Mom’s Guide to Finding Joy in the Chaos. She and her husband live in Colorado Springs, CO and are the proud parents of four adult children.

Want to know more about Elsa's book?

Some facets of today’s society are hard to ignore, especially for those growing up. In our celebrity-driven, media-dominated world, teens are constantly exposed to temptation. Pop culture’s influence—with the likes of party-hearty Katy Perry and the reality show stars of the minute—may leave the impression that sin is in and wholesomeness is so last season.

But in Elsa Kok Colopy’s new book, PURE LOVE, PURE LIFE: Exploring God’s Heart on Purity, the well-known author uses an honest approach to help young women embrace a pure and unadulterated life by strengthening their relationship with God—demonstrating purity encompasses more than staying abstinent before walking down the aisle.

The book has realistic, heartbreaking, and often humorous anecdotes submitted by real teenagers. Through autobiographical tales of her own rocky teenaged journey, Colopy eloquently shows readers that purity should not be seen as a series of don’ts—don’t think that way, don’t look that way, don’t act that way—but is instead as a positive, God-centered approach to making the right decisions.

“Real purity is not just about virginity—it’s a whole life transformation and commitment that doesn’t have to mean living like a character on Little House on the Prairie,” Colopy writes in the book.

Colopy equips readers with real-life tools for dealing with emotions, dating and relationships, lust, marriage, broken choices, painful setbacks, and second chances.

By ending each chapter with a series of journal-ready discussion questions, Colopy further encourages readers to examine their own values and make connections from the book’s stories to their own lives. Colopy also suggests teen girls gather in a group to read PURE LOVE, PURE LIFE as a way to challenge each other, instill a sense of accountability, and open lines of communication. A rousing addition to any teen girl’s library, this book helps to answer the tough questions that many young women face about sex, love, and purity, as well as give readers a new, freeing view on life.


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