Monday, January 02, 2012

Gratuitous Fozzy Photo


  1. haha, poor Fozzy having to get all dressed up! But he sure is a cutie. And he does have a lamb back-end! LOL!

  2. Cute pic! I was just reflecting on when you started this blog. I remember when it launched and now you have over 500 followers. Way to go! all the best in 2012

  3. Da bulls?!? Aren't you a New Yorker????

    Seriously cute lamb/dog.

  4. @Julie- Having this dog in the house is like having a little baby who likes clothes. Don't feel sorry for him, he loves his outfits. If I hold up one when he's not wearing anything, he runs over and licks it. I think he feels naked without anything on!

    @Tracy- You were here in the beginning! Happy New Year my friend.

    @Serena- DH made me name our first born son after his favorite Chicago Bulls player. True story.

    @Jessica and Juju- Thanks! Happy New Year!

  5. haha! We had a dog like that. She loved her sweater that I had crocheted for her. Ok, I won't feel sorry for his pitiful look! Maybe he was lamenting the not tail situation?


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