Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Social Networking Saturday (or Sunday...whatever)!

It's no secret I've been battling a blogging funk. And according to my Google Reader, I'm not the only one. It's comforting in a we're-all-in-this-together sort of way to see some of my favorite book bloggers are dealing with burn-out and reading slumps of their own.

All this down time gave me a chance to do some re-evaluating. It's been a year and a half since Edgy Inspirational Romance went live and if I want this blogging business to be an endurance race instead of a sprint, some things need to change around here.

1. Social Networking Saturdays.

I've reduced the time I spend online. I want to be more present for my kids and that doesn't include sitting in the same room with the computer on my lap. They won't be young forever y'know?

Last year I could spend 2 hours/day reading the 300+ blogs I follow, now I find myself going entire work weeks without even peeking at my feeds. When I do get around to checking, I read them in list view instead of expanded view. So instead of skimming entire blog posts, I'm just skimming blog titles or looking for the names of my homies.

Social Networking Saturday (or Sunday, whatever) is the one day every week I make a point of visiting and leaving comments on my favorite blogs. I might be the last person to your party, but I'm still thinking about you.

2. Email gets answered on Saturdays too (or Sundays, whatever).

My phone dings with every message, so I read them immediately, I just don't have time to respond until the weekend (usually). If you don't hear from me on Social Networking Saturday, please send the message again.

3. The PDF Review Copy Revolt

I'm coming out of the closet to say I despise reading books on my computer screen. It was never my favorite way to review, but these days I find it almost intolerable.

Unfortunately, this puts me in a bit of a bind. Our blog has been a big supporter of small press and epublishers in the past and often the only review copies they send are PDFs. I have one half-read PDF review copy languishing in my inbox right now (it's a great story from an author I LOVE, and the blogger guilt I'm experiencing over this fact could beat mommy guilt in an arm wrestle).

I haven't found the solution to this, but I'm still looking. Does anyone know of a way to convert PDF files into Mobipocket (PRC) files for my Kindle? I know I can email PDFs straight to the Kindle, but I find the print is small and sometimes there are funky page breaks. That method just hasn't been working out.

Alright, enough about me. It's Sunday and I've got some emails to send and some blogs to visit. Happy reading!


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