Friday, October 07, 2011

Top Five Friday

Top Five Friday is a smaller version of Top Ten Tuesday, a meme created and fostered by our beloved friends at The Broke and Bookish. Rebel that I am, however, I'm not only going off-day, I'm also going off-number and off-topic by sharing with you my... da-da-da-dummmmmm.....

Top Five Edgy Inspirational Romance AUTHOR Websites!

In the number five position, please give a warm, edgy welcome to:

I know, I know. Ted Dekker is probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of romance (although his books often have romantic relational subplots within them) -- but he is indisputably King Edgy, so I'm sneaking him in at NUMBER FIVE -- simply because I love his website (and his writing.)

At you can find all the pertinent info about Mr. Dekker (can we just start calling him King Edgy? That would be fun.) and his work sidled up to some super-cool, scroll over animation features. His website rocks. Go over and play.

At NUMBER FOUR you'll find a virtual tour of Europe (and beyond!) when you visit the website of:

Visiting Sandra's website is like looking through a scrapbook, taking a (fun) class in English Reformation History, and visiting a fab bookstore all at once. You can tour castles, get postcards, and salivate over French pastry all in one location. I love stopping by Sandra's digs at -- but I always leave craving me some cupcakes.

Thrilling us with her brainy, poetic wit, may I introduce you to my pick for NUMBER THREE favorite Inspy Romance Author Website:

Tosca is one of my favorite crafty authors (and I don't mean Martha Stewart-crafty, so don't get all excited to whip out your glue gun when you visit Ms. Lee's website.) Her books are poetic, heart-rending, and sly with intelligent wit. Her website is just as awesome. Tosca is smart, quick with the sarcasm, and looks like she just stepped off the red carpet pretty much all the time. I'm pretty sure I want to be Tosca Lee when I grow up, so I visit often.

Tosca's website ( has all the dish about her books and characters as well as deleted scenes, information about upcoming appearances, and... a blog. Tosca Lee's blog is always fun to read, and you never know what you're going to get. Serious one day, playful the next, it can be darkly witty or painfully true. Tosca blogs news and heart with equal zest.

Another fun thing you can discover if you visit Tosca's website is that you're only a click away from reading Lucian's darkly humorous tweets (Lucian is a character from her breakout novel, Demon: A Memoir). If you're brave enough to add a fictional demon to your list of follows you can get some deep thoughts and some brimstone snark on Twitter through Tosca's site. Pop over and look around.

Especially fun to visit en route to an exciting destination is
my NUMBER TWO pick:

Lisa has been a frequent visitor to OUR place this year (due to our shameless book love for a few Italian knights she brought to our attention) and I've stopped by her place many times as well.

Including reviews of books she's reading (I've picked a few from her shelf, upon her recommendation, and she's yet to steer me wrong!), information about her many published books, upcoming titles, and works in progress, Lisa also provides links to her travel blog. (I think just to torture people like me, who suffer acute cases of wanderlust.) It's a bright, fun spot that's loaded with info and giveaways. Drop in and say hello sometime, won't you?

And finally, my NUMBER ONE
(drumroll, please!):

There is no web surfing I enjoy more -- (especially during a slow day at work, but don't tell my boss!) -- than to visit the website of comedienne -- I mean, author -- Jenny B. Jones. After tooling around the tabs a bit, I head over to her Zippity Blog. Jenny is always good for a snort-giggle and she never lets me down. Her website is colorfully bright and cheerful. It's youthful and invigorating, like Irish Spring soap, except not. (Just go with me here. Her latest book takes place in Ireland, okay?) And who doesn't need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day? Visit Jenny's site. Have a ball, and tell her I told you to drop by

So what do you think of my picks?
If you haven't yet, please visit these authors' websites and give them a little pat on the back for being so awesome (and their graphic/web designers deserve a little "woot!" as well!) It's sure to be a fun little trip around the web-o-matic.

So tell me: which author websites are your favorites? And why? Leave your comments and suggestions below -- I'd love to have some new destinations to visit on those long, slow days at work!

Thanks for stopping by. Joy and I have a ton of reviews, giveaways, author interviews and more super-fantastic stuff in store for you this October -- & more fun than you can shake a jack-o-lantern at -- so don't be a stranger!


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