Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stalking Debbie Viguie

I recently had the opportunity to have some fun, crazy, (cuz that's how I roll) and even informative questions answered by a new favorite author of mine, Ms. Debbie Viguie. Debbie is a New York Times bestselling author of a diverse collection of books including fairy tale retellings, YA fantasy, epic dark fantasy, Inspirational mystery... & the list goes on and on. Her latest novel is Kiss of Night, a dark, urban-fantasy-esque Christian vampire (yes, you read that right: vampire) novel. You can read my review of this intriguing book HERE.

Now let's get to the good stuff! Welcome, Debbie!

Is there one item you insist must be present in your car (or purse) at all times?

DEBBIE: Pens! Lots and lots of pens. Sometimes I lack for paper but I never lack for pens. I've been known to write good ideas down on my hands and arms (and napkins and toilet paper, and paper tablecloths at restaurants like Macaroni Grill.) But without the pen all could be lost!

What are you reading this week?

DEBBIE: the King James Bible in Russian


DEBBIE: A miniscule amount. I took Russian in college and didn't keep up with it after the classes were over. I regret that and so I decided to get back into it. Reading something familiar can really help when trying to strengthen your understanding of a foreign language. One of my high school Spanish teachers had us first read fairy tales and then tackle El Cid in Spanish. It was great. That's why I'm reading the KJV Bible in Russian. I'm starting with the parts I'm most familiar with and intend to eventually read the entire thing.

You're a theme park enthusiast. Which theme park is your favorite?

: Disneyland, the original, in Anaheim. You can't top a classic! Although Disneyland, Paris comes really close.

If you could choose to ride one theme park attraction all day, which would it be?

DEBBIE: The Haunted Mansion!!

Your guilty pleasure snack or activity?

DEBBIE: When I'm on a deadline I have to have Coca Cola and Cheez-Its. My husband's considering buying stock.

If your desk had a name, you would call it:

DEBBIE: The Keeper of Quills (it sounds classier than Keeper of Gel Pens)

The top destination on your dream vacation list?

DEBBIE: Prague!!! I write about it because I want to visit it!!

Your favorite moment from a writers' conference or book signing event?

DEBBIE: A teenage boy, about fourteen, came up to me at a book signing all excited. His grandmother had gotten him hooked on my books and they both read them. He wanted me to sign a book for her. I asked him what her name was and he stared at me for a moment and then turned bright red and muttered, "Grandma." He actually didn't know her first name! I tried so hard to keep a straight face as I signed the book. It was so adorable and so funny at the same time!!

And finally, how DO you pronounce your last name?

DEBBIE: Vi gā (rhymes with risqué) You can also hear it pronounced here: I have no idea who put this up, but it is correct!

Thanks for taking time to visit with us today, Debbie! It's been great lurking outside your writing studio and getting to know you better!


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