Friday, October 14, 2011

Eh, I got nothing (aka rejected blog topics)

1. Top ten ways to spend a blogging sabbatical. (Probably not like this).

2. Movie review: Footloose. (If we did movie reviews here I'd tell you to see it).

3. Tips for balancing social media and family. (What the flip do I know?)

4. How Joy got her groove back (I'll let you know when I find it).

5. Rethinking the whole writing thing. (Not ready to share yet).

6. When just looking at your laptop gives you performance anxiety. (Or how I finally stopped stalking StatCounter).

7. Helping your ADHD son pass 5th grade math without losing your ever loving mind. (A cautionary tale).

Ever have a dry spell?!??


  1. I've had those moments. Love that you still have your humour and creativity Joy!

  2. Ever have a dry spell?


    Here's to dry spells with good books, girlfriends and God to get you through. :-)


  3. Since I'm not a writer I haven't had this problem, but I have to say it is GOOD to hear from you no matter what you write about!

  4. Even if you are in a "dry spell", your sense of humor is still fun! ;)

  5. Hellllloooo ladies! :)

    Thanks for still being here even though I haven't been around, it means a lot.

  6. Your "nothin" is still bigger than my "somethin" -- but I think you should put this on the list: "Book boyfriends I thought about while getting a cheapo massage from a students at the massage therapy school." Or something like that. At least the massage part. And add in a mani-pedi. You deserve it. You've had a F-U-L-L couple of months, so hang in there... you'll get your groove back. Really. Maybe you should start calling your DH "Taye Diggs" for a while and see what happens ???? ;-)

    Thanks for sharing -- and bringing the funny, even if it comes from an uncomfortably dry moment in your writing life. We'll hang with you.

  7. You are the cutest! You definitely got my attention with this.

    Have I had a dry spell? Sure!

    My recommendation?
    Don't sweat it.

    And I say:
    Do a movie review! *Add a Christian perspective to it to make it relevant to your blog topic.

    What do I do during thin times? A few memes. Maybe a Teaser Tuesday that week. Or a Friday 56 or Book Beginning Friday.

    Another fav I haven't done in a while? Roving Reader. Where you go to the store and photograph covers that catch your eye.

    No matter what you do, we love you!

  8. Blach....Im having a dry spell too...My personal life is so busy I just have no energy to write reviews and come up with savvy, witty thoughts.

    I think Im having another blog-burn out. I think after this year 2012 is going to be very different at TBR's......:)

    So PS- when you figure out how to get out of yours pass along the cheer to me because I need it!!!

  9. and double PS- I saw your on the Inspy judge panel this year...Im on the YA...did you see all the pictures of the judges??...My photo is so big it looks like Im exploding off the screen page....GEEZ!!

  10. Oh my, this sounded SO familiar to me! I'm with ya, having a Lawrence of Arabia traipsing across the Sahara kind of season. Blech! There's an oasis coming, I know it!

  11. are you taking a sabbatical, joy? Enjoy your time off if you do :)

  12. I used to have that problem all of the time then I stopped blogging for seven months. Now that I am back, I am sure it will happen again.

  13. Go completely off-topic from your normal routine. You have a lot of thoughts about things that may not fall into your blog 'parameters'. I generally catch myself thinking about a particular issue and decide to share my opinion. Sort of like hitting the 'refresh' button.

  14. You guys are great for inspiration!

    @Serena- DH kinda looked like Taye Diggs about 17 years ago, but it's gonna take a lot of imagination these days. Maybe if I squint real hard... :P

    @Juju- I don't think I've ever seen the roving reader meme, I'm gonna google it.

    @Tina- I saw you've taken on a few helpers over there. Awesome idea. Without Serena, this place would have withered away the past couple of months.

    Your INSPY picture is not so big. :) We stress over the funniest things. My first thought when this post went live was "Does that pen make my hand look fat?"

    @Niki- Hopefully it's not a mirage!

    @Carrie- Not intentionally! I've been MIA around here.

    @Amy-Did your readers stick around? I'm afraid people will fall away if I don't pick up the pace soon.

    @Sally-Good ideas!

  15. Gina at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers does it:

    Here's a link to when I've done it:

    Good luck darling! :)

    And Tina: You look gorgeous!

  16. Joy,

    Looking forward to seeing you for the Women of Faith. Hopefully that will be a refresher for both of us.

    I can relate to a lot of this. LOL, you've "seen" my blog lately. Oh man I hear you on the kids and school part, too. That can be rough. My brother was ADHD and I know that was really rough on my mom. A weird story is that the social worker was observing him during snack time. He brought in some Halloween candy. Apparently someone gave him Halloween candy with ants in it so he ran to the garbage in the middle of the class and spit it out. The social work wrote a report on his "disruptive" behavior and my mom had to conference with them. OK, maybe I shouldn't have shared that, confirms my strangeness right?? I hope things go better for your son.

    Seriously, let me know if there's anything I can do to help. You have my number, feel free to use it if you want to...even if just to pass off writing ideas.


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