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Waterfall Wednesday, the final episode (#5) -- Now Showing at: Irresistible Reads

Welcome to the last (hiccup) installment (a tissue, please) of the Waterfall Wednesdays Read-Along Event! The past few weeks have been a blog hop of fun as we drooled over knights and gowns, touched on some tender parts of our own stories, and fell in love with Lisa T. Bergren's wonderful River of Time series all over again.

This week's event is being hosted by our friend Nic at Irresistible Reads so after you've finished hangin' out with us here, hop on over to Nic's place. While you're there, make sure you sign up and leave a comment! -- You could win an autographed set of Lisa T. Bergren's River of Time series!

Now let's dig into the questions Nic provided for us:

Discussion Questions for Chapters 24-28 (the end)

1. After Gabi is injured, the doctor gives her a tonic. Gabi questions the doctor several times what is in it but he refuses to tell. Would have you taken the tonic in Gabi situation?

Ooh. This is a tough one. Hmm. I tend to trust the Hippocratic Oath and that medical people want me to get better, so I probably would have taken it without much question. But... if it made me sick, that would have been it. I would refuse to take any more. Really, I would have re-flippin'-fused. It's happened before! Just ask my P.A.

2. Before the games Gabi asks Lia to let Lord Foraboschi win in the archery event as people especially Lord Foraboschi are becoming suspicious of them. But during the games Lord Foraboschi upsets Lia trying to throw her off her game. So Lia decides to win. Do you think she did the right thing by not letting Lord Forabosch bully her or do you think she took an unnecessary risk?

It was an unnecessary risk, but in her shoes I'm pretty sure that little red-suited guy on my shoulder would have encouraged me to throw caution to the wind. Yeah, I'd want to win. And maybe engage in some non-verbal trashtalk while doing it!

3. When Gabi is dying and she and Lia decide to return to the tombs so they can get the cure at home but they have to tell Marcello the truth. Even though Marcello thinks that it is madness that they are from the future he believes in Gabi because he loves her. Do you think this is believable? What would you have done if you were Marcello?

I think that even though Marcello took Gabi to the tombs, and he believed/hoped something there would heal her, hope had more to do with it than actual belief in the idea of time travel. In my opinion, he probably didn't really believe her full story until she disappeared; but he trusted her IN HOPE because he loved her and was willing to cast doubt aside in his desperation to save her.

It was believable because Marcello is THAT GUY. He just is.

4. In the end Gabi and Lia return home. Do you think Gabi will return to Marcello? Would you go back?

Well, I've read all three books, so, um.. yeah; pretty sure she'll go back. And I would totally go back if Marcello was waitng for me. Like I said, he is THAT GUY. (But I'd bring a suitcase or two filled with hygiene and medical items for sure!)

5. Looking back at Waterfall what was your favourite moment?

Even though this is really Gabi and Marcello's story, when Luca sees Lia's archery skills for the first time, well... that got my biggest smile of the whole book.
She was already on one knee, squinting and taking aim at the second as he turned, spotting us. She let the next arrow fly, and the arrow struck him in the chest, driving him backward, over the parapet wall.

"Saints in heaven, I believe I'm in love," Luca growled, running past me, sword drawn, to go to Marcello's aid. He glanced from my sister to me with a wink. (Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren, pg. 284)

Man, I love that scene!

Well, it is with sad heart and plaintive sigh that I bid farewell to Waterfall Wednesdays... but wait! We have a winner to announce! The winner from Week 3, when Waterfall Wednesday was hosted right here at Edgy Inspirational Romance is: Jamie from The Dancing Lawn.

Congratulations, Jamie! You will be receiving an autographed set of The River of Time series from Lisa T. Bergren!

As always, stay tuned for more fun and giveaways here at Edgy Inspirational Romance and make sure you blog hop your way around this final episode of the Waterfall Read-Along Event by stopping to leave a comment for Nic at Irresitible Reads!

Happy reading! And may your dreams be filled with handsome Italian knights!


  1. Going to miss Waterfall Wednesdays! I think you're right about Marcello being that guy!

  2. I think trash talk is a must while battling Lord Forabosch. He's such a creeper that it would have been so much fun rubbing Lia's victory in.

  3. "re-flippin-fused" huh? Excellent! As always your answers made me smile! Oh and I too loved that scene with Luca!

  4. Great pick for favorite scene! I'd forgotten about that one!!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  5. True story: I totally dreamed about this stuff one of the nights during this event, haha...I woke up and was like "Dang, that was cool" ;o)

  6. congrats to Jamie from The Dancing Lawn !

    i'm with you and the suitcase !! =) Cheers!

  7. Yes, Serena. That Luca scene was one of my favorites too! Lia may have pointed the arrow at someone else, but she struck Luca when she let it fly. LOL

    And I definitely would have gone back with a U-haul truck full of stuff. Just to make life a bit easier. ;)

    Thanks so much for co-hosting WW with us. I had so much fun.

  8. Wow! I remember loving that scene when Luca witnesses Lia's archery skills, so I'm a little disappointed I forgot to mention it as one of my favourite scenes in the novel. Luca was pretty amazing, huh? I guess Marcello's role just overpowered Luca's in this book, but since I haven't read any of the other books in the series as yet, I'm hoping that I'll get to see more of Luca there.

    I've really enjoyed WW with you and a big thank you for hosting:)

    Sarah @ Random Thoughts of A Confused Adolescent

  9. "Yeah, I'd want to win. And maybe engage in some non-verbal trashtalk while doing it!"

    ME TOO! My mouth would get me in all sorts of trouble in that time period I think. I don't do well playing a demure lady. Snort. It's funny just trying to imagine it:)

    This was so much fun, I had a blast getting to know you guys better!

  10. Drats!!! *sigh* not a winner.

    I love that scene also. I am ready for Lia to wake up & smell the tall, dark & handsome that is Luca.

  11. OK Serena- trash talking is not very becoming of a Christian lady....

    LOL- I totally just Jesus Juked you....HAHAHaaa.

    and ps- I loved that scene with Luca- I think him and Lord Greco for SURE (hearing me Lisa?) need a book all about them....:D

  12. Tina: great juke!

    Everyone: thanks for dropping by -- I think I officially (finally!) hit every blog on the list this week! Woot! Wow -- some fun stuff out there! I especially liked Missie's not-so-subtle claim to everyone's fave bad boy (who does not actually appear in this book, I think, but who still got mentioned EVERY SINGLE WEEK in some fashion) Lord Greco. make sure you check out her claim at The Unread Reader.

    I've had sooo sooo sooo much fun with this! Thanks to Tina, Missie, Jenny, & Nic (did I forget anyone???) for playing host the various weeks, to Missie for the button, to Tina for the idea, and to EVERYONE (are we feeling like we should cut to commercial yet?) who showed up to support this awesome series that "sheds light on some dark bookstore shelves" (to paraphrase Ms. Bergren)

  13. I would have taken a drink of it as well...

    OH! Gabi should so try to bring luggage with her next time! Great idea! :) Hopefully it works!

    Thank you for hosting! :)

  14. I totally TOTALLY agree with your number 3. I don't think Marcello and Luca thought they really were time travelers. I mean, they knew something was different, but I think Marcello would have done anything for Gabby because he loved her. Yeah, he hoped beyond hope something there would fix it, but I don't think it was until she disappeared that he believed. And oh the worry he must have gone through. I'd be more than willing to comfort him. :D Loved your answers Serena, they made me smile and I loved that scene with Luca, too. Then again, I love Luca.

  15. I would have raced back to Marcello too with my suitcases full of "essential items" of course. I've loved participating in this read along it has been loads of fun:)

  16. i guess we just have to admit that every hunky male hero Bergren creates is just so dreamy and swoonworthy.
    that little red-suited guy on your shoulder sounds like trouble! you better stay in 2011 away from all these Medieval temptations:)

  17. Love it, love it. Now I want to have a chat with your PA--is it your attitude or because you had a med that went Very Wrong??? Anyway, thanks so much for the fab answers and for being one of my amazing co-hosts of Waterfall Wednesdays. I'm so glad you're in the River with me, S! xoxo

  18. Yes, I think Luca is a great character and I hope he and Lia get together though she is young.

    Thanks so much for hosting the read along! I had such a great time with this. Maybe when Lisa puts out that fourth book we can do it again???


  19. i agree she should have trashed talked him back or gloated a little after she kicked his this has been great fun. I love read a longs.


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