Thursday, September 08, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Whoops, looks like my knees are blocking your view of all the cute boys in the resort pool...

I guess I was too absorbed in Rosslyn Elliot's Fairer than Morning to notice. Vacations don't get much better than reading a good book in the Bahamas. :)

Review posts this weekend.


  1. Lucky you! I bet it was gorgeous and relaxing!

  2. Oh, and I've missed you around the blogosphere while you were basking in the sun!

  3. gosh, that sounds wonderful. so gorgeous. jealous!!

    here's my latest review, just posted it! for the predicteds! stop by! :)

  4. Good choice! I liked that book especially since it was partially set in Pittsburgh. :-) Glad you had a nice time on your vacation.

    XOXO~ Renee

  5. Guess what I'm currently reading? (Or at least one of the book I've currently got a bookmark in...) ;)

    Too bad I'm not in the Bahamas while I'm reading it, though...

    But I'm happy you got to go!! ;) How fun!!

  6. I have to agree...nothing is better than reading a good book on vacation by the pool! :)

  7. LOL
    That's awesome.
    Looks relaxing :)
    FUN picture!

  8. Wonderful location,fantastic book, cute boys now who could ask for anything more?

  9. Wow, you went to the Bahamas, that must have been awesome! Welcome back.

  10. I know you had an amazing time!! :o) Hubby and I went to the Bahamas in 05, and had a ball.

    Methinks that's the Atlantis hotel in front of you?

  11. I'm not jealous. Really, I'm not.

    Okay, I really sort of am.

    Glad you got "away from it all" -- excited to read the upcoming review!


  12. Gorgeous picture. I too did some wonderful reading on my vacation, not as glamourous as by a pool in the Bahamas but on the balcony overlooking a lake isn't so bad!

  13. You lucky girl! I am so jealous!

  14. Thanks Myne, Juju, Cathy, Tammy and Patricia for stopping by!

    @Shan, reading by a lake sounds pretty relaxing too!

    @Christy, yup, it's Alantis. We spent the day there and went back to the cruise ship at night.

    @Brenda, and the cute boys in front of me were my husband and children. :)

    @Amber, are you enjoying it?

    @Renee- I usually try to take books that are set in the location I'm visiting. I had a CF book set in the Bahamas on my Kindle, but my kindle broke right before vacation and the replacement they sent was broken too. Argh!

    @Lindsay- I am on my way over to check it out!

    @Julie- Thanks for missing me, but Serena has kept this place hopping hasn't she? :)

    I told her I owe her buckets of chocolate or french fries as her reward.

  15. Yep, no question about it, Serena ROCKS! Chocolate or french fries huh? Hard choice there!

  16. Looks like you are having WAY too much fun, Joy. ;-) Glad you're home safely and had a blast!! Nothing better than family memories!!


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