Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBAW 2011 Book Blogger Interview Swap

As part of the fun of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I had the privilege of getting to swap interviews with Deborah from Books, Movies, & Chinese Food. As it turns out, we are both proudly quirky oddballs (in a totally fun and slightly glamorous way, of course) and the questions we posed to one another (and the answers we gave) reflect that.

After you've finished reading about Deborah here hop on over to
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Who knows? Maybe you'll get to know me a little bit better!

Now that we've given a warm Edgy Inspirational Romance welcome to Deborah,
let's get on to the fun!

Question 1: While visiting a strange city, you take a short-cut through a dark alley. Suddenly you are surrounded by menacing thugs. What fictional character would you want to have by your side -- and why?

Hermione Granger. All she has to say is a simple spell and boom, thugs are frozen and useless. Plus, she can immediately take us out of the alley and somewhere else in a snap.

Serena's reply: Ooh. Great idea! I wouldn't have thought of Hermione! -- but I might be a little afraid of getting splinched. That has to hurt.

Question 2: Life is messy. What do you INSIST must be kept clean?

Eh... I'm just a messy person in general. I think everything I own is a mess somewhere. But it's an organized mess!

Serena's reply: I'm just going to assume that, as an archivist, your idea of "organized mess" is quite a bit more organized than mine!

Question 3: If an evil foreign power takes over the world and allows each person only five books for the rest of their life, which five do you pick?

So I'm cheating, but... 1) The Chronicles of Narnia: 7 in 1 volume collection, 2) Little Town on the Prairie, 3) The Hunger Games 4) There's a 3-in-1 edition of several Anne of Green Gables books and 5) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Serena's reply: I have to say I'm surprised! No Hobbit? No LOTR? I'm aghast! But seriously... good choices!

Question 4: You are an archivist. What collection do you most long to get your fast-filing fingers into?

I'd seriously love to be either a Star Wars archivist or a Beatles archivist. Both jobs DO exist but I'd need experience or connections to get into both.

Serena's reply: May the Force be with you.

Question 5: You're a movie buff who has said, "The Academy Awards are like my Superbowl." -- If you were invited to be a presenter at the Academy Awards, what category would you present the Oscar for, who would be your co-presenter, and (most importantly) what would you wear????

Well, I'll be honest. I don't really want to BE at the Oscars. I much prefer watching the movies that are nominated. Last year I attended the Best Picture Showcase at AMC Theaters where they showed all 10 movies in 24 hours. I stayed for 6 of them as I had watched the other 3, and I couldn't keep myself awake for Black Swan. I love guessing which movies, actors, writers, directors, etc. will be nominated. When the nominations are announced, I usually am able to be at home to watch them. Then I try to watch as many as I can before the show to make my own guesses. I'm usually pretty good overall (except for the Live Shorts --because no one ever sees those.) So... yeah, I'd rather vote and watch the Oscars than BE at the Oscars. :-)

Serena's reply: Guess I'll have to find someone else to fill the seat next to me and ooh and ahh over my Harry Winstons... if ever I walk the red carpet. ;-)

Question 6: Tell me about your blog and why you started it (for those who haven't read your "about me" page!)

I started my blog back in 2006. I simply wanted to tell others about the books I read. I had no idea about the book blogging community when I started. I review about 65% Christian fiction. The rest is split between YA, women's fiction, chick lit, memoirs, and contemporary fiction. I also try to blog about the movies I see in theaters (though I am severely behind on my Harry Potter review.) I really enjoy blogging and I really enjoy learning about more books. I love the community and all the people that I've met in the past five years.

Serena's reply: I'm pretty sure that I didn't even know what a "blog" was in 2006, so you certainly have the jump on me! But I'm learning -- and this community is full of fun people -- like you -- to hang with! Your blog is fun and diverse -- I love it! And I've enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you a little bit during Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

Thanks so much, Deborah, for taking the time to answer my quirky questions. All the best to you on your quest to secure a position keeping track of Sergeant Pepper and the Lonely Jedi Band!

Calling all Edgy Inspirational Romancers: Jump on over to Books, Movies, and Chinese Food and say hi to Deborah (and me!) today!


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