Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kate invited me over...

And I tried to be on my best behavior. ;)

Please swing by to say hello: The Parchment Girl


  1. If we (you, me, and Rob, of course) get a chance to meet up for a FULL FAT (come ON!) mocha latte sometime, I will be soooo happy.

    (It will be nice to see you, too.)

    Great interview! So much fun. And Kate's site is soooo cute. (In a mature and fun way, not in a little girl way. Cute can be so misconstrued.Parchment Girl is really nice. A Very Attractive site. classy.)

  2. Yeah, she's got a classy set up over there.

    And I'm shuddering at thought of Rob Lowe witnessing the aftermath of a full fat latte.

    Thanks for popping over Juju and Serena!


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