Monday, July 11, 2011

Have we met?

I love how Edgy Inspirational Romance is growing, but I'm sad the days of knowing all my readers individually are slipping away.

I used to track my followers in Google Friend Connect, and each time I noticed a new one I would visit her blog to say hello. Somehow that practice fell by the wayside, but today I want to resurrect some old fashioned networking.

Today I'm talking to you!

Yes, YOU! The lurker, the one reading my blog over her cornflakes this morning.

Maybe you haven't commented because you don't feel like you have anything to add to the discussion. Maybe you haven't commented because we don't really "know" each other online. Maybe you just find leaving comments a pain in the patootie.

It's so easy for bloggers to fall into little cliques and chat with the same people all the time. I want to break out of my comfort zone and meet new friends. So de-lurk for a moment and introduce yourself. Who are you? Are you a writer? A reader? Both?

If you leave me a link, I'll come visit your place.

Have we connected on Twitter yet (@joytamsindavid)? What about Goodreads? Facebook?

C'mon now, don't leave me hanging. Somebody introduce yourself...


And in case you only ever see my blog through your feeds, this is what I look like:

It's what I looked like last summer anyway.

I'm too embarrassed vain to post a recent photo because I gained a few pounds this winter. And by a few, I mean a lot.

Yes, I know vanity is an ugly trait, but if we're going to be friends, it's best I tell you this upfront.


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