Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Summer Bucket List

Totally stealing today's idea from Deanna at Deanna's Corner.

My summer prospects got a whole lot brighter last week when I scratched "teach summer school" off my list of things to do. It's the first time in five years I've turned it down and just in case you're wondering how I'm going to spend all my extra time-

I've come up with a list of things infinitely more interesting than being holed up in a city school with 25 little bodies and no air conditioning.

1. Deep clean and de-clutter the house.

2. Get a plumber to fix the leaky pipe in the basement. So maybe my list isn't more interesting than teaching summer school, but it gets better, promise.

3. Write the 90 Day Novel. Yup, I'm just planning to whip this puppy off over vacation. (Serena, don't think I can't hear you snorting).

4. Visit the library. Often. The boys have summer reading to do and they're actually going to finish this year.

5. Eat lots of strawberry shortcake. Nothing better than the taste of summer strawberries.

6. Take the boys to one of Smithsonian Museums. Each time we visit the relatives outside of DC we try something different. This trip we'll either do The Air and Space Museum or The Museum of Natural History.

7. Review math concepts with my fourth grader. That's what he gets for having a mother who's a school teacher.

8. Go to the movies. So many good ones to see! Harry Potter, Bridesmaids, Pirates of the Caribbean.

9. Make annual doctors appointments for me and the kids. This is the year I resolve to not be the parent trying to fit her kids in for a physical the week before school starts. It happens so often my pediatrician probably already has us penciled in for the Friday before Labor Day.

And by far the item I'm most looking forward to crossing off my bucket list is:

10. Find a shady deck chair overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to read a good book. We're taking the boys on a cruise to the Bahamas right before school starts and all I can think about is the wind in my hair and a book in my hands.

So what's on your summer bucket list?


  1. Just watch... I'll be at my brother's in FL when you're close! That's on my bucket list for the summer visit my baby in Fl. I also need to get my 10 caught up on school work. He & the teacher didn't click this year & he fell WAY behind.
    Good luck with the math concepts - it's my favorite thing to share. (Unfortunately, we'll be doing reading, writing & spelling.)

  2. That is one awesome balanced list. *high five*

  3. You heard that?!? (the *snort*, that is!)Just kidding!!!! 90 days? You can totally do it. Set your mind, avoid distraction, and GO FOR IT!!!! And I vote for the Smith's Natural History Museum. At Air and Space I almost barfed in the IMAX (way to real fighter-jet experience) and kinda yawned through the rest of the museum. But I was on a band trip, had no sleep, and I was only 18. (I'm a couple of years more mature now, so I might enjoy it more. Or if I were a boy. I think there's a song about that... did Beyonce have a verse about the Air and Space Museum???hmmm.)

    And, by the way, I'm totally stealing this idea for my blog. Just FYI.


  4. too. Not "to".

    Gosh. I did it myself. One of my pet peeves. Sorry y'all. Proofreading, proofreading, proofreading!

  5. Wow, Joy what a great list! Little bit envious of number 10 though. Dontcha have an extra ticket hanging around??? :)

  6. What a fabulous list, Joy! I hope you cross them all off, especially #3. ☺

    Alas, I have no Bucket List. I better get it together and figure that out. LOL Happy Tuesday! ☺

  7. Wow! I didn't even know I was supposed to have a summer bucket list. But then I am way behind the times as I haven't even considered a life bucket list! ha! Have fun working on your list! I guess one thing I could put on my bucket list is I want to devote a month during the summer to read the books I have stacked up on my Kindle.

    Julie @ My Only Vice

  8. @Gina- We'll have to chat during the summer, if we're in the same place, maybe we can meet up for coffee or something....My 4th grader had a tough year this too. That's why there will be lots of reading and math happening at home.

    @Juju- *down low*

    @Serena- I'm doing it girl! I just hope I can finish this summer and not get sidetracked.

    @Casey- The part that I left out is we're all sharing one cabin. That's me and four males. Doesn't sound so glamourous anymore, huh? LOL.

    @Larri- Thanks for the encouragement! That's the one I really want to finish too.

    @Julie- I don't have a life bucket list, that sounds so morbid, but a summer bucket list I can handle.

  9. That cruise sounds terrific! We will travel to the ocean in August with our boys as well, but we're staying on the beach! I think my husband had enough ocean voyaging during his years in the Navy...lol. He likes to stay landside now. I intend to also spend some time under an umbrella with the ocean's breeze in my hair while I indulge in a good read! Great list. ~Nadja

  10. I am notorious for these types of lists. I usually have far larger expectations than I am able to fulfill. Still ... it's nice to check things off as they get accomplished.

  11. @Nadja- I really miss the beach. I grew up near the ocean and it's sad that I go so long between visits now.

    @Tracy- Do you ever have to teach summer school? If not, enjoy your respite!


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