Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger's meltdown coincided with my own...

Unless you've been living under a mushroom cloud, by now you've heard about Blogger's recent glitches. I actually have been walking around in a fog and didn't notice the problem until shortly before it was resolved.

The Blogger Apocalypse delayed the posting of Serena's Predator review by a couple of hours, but the biggest effect it had over here was it wiped out most of the entries on Delia Latham's guest post and giveaway.

If you entered the giveaway for Kylie's Kiss, you might want to swing by the post again to see if your comment is still there.

I've had a blogging meltdown of my own lately.

My husband has been gone more than two weeks on an extended business trip and I feel like I'm running a three legged race without my strongest leg. It's just been me and the boys (and the spiders and wasps who were clearly just biding their time until they knew I was the only adult home).

Though I'm loving the extra face time with the kiddos it means less time reading, writing, and reviewing.

I'm also taking a grueling online writer's course this month (two words: Margie. Lawson). As I write this post, I'm currently two lectures behind on my homework. Hopefully my editing partner will understand. ;)

I had hoped by stockpiling a bunch of posts I'd be able to phone-it-in the month of May, but I'm falling behind on even the most basic of blogging tasks, like responding to comments, visiting friend's blogs, and replying to emails.

I have three books in my review pile whose review dates came and went (and went and went). My apologies to the authors. I look forward to reading Heartsight by Kay Springsteen, The Green Veil by Naomi Munsch, and Double Identity by Diane Burke and getting reviews done before the month is out.

Thanks for hanging in there with me friends! I'll catch up soon!

Photo credit: used with permission by Parajunkee.


  1. So sorry to hear about all the trials coming your way. Hoping for a great weekend to come your way.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  2. I wish I lived closer. I would be willing to kill things for you.
    Boy that sounded creepy!

    Anyway, I'm familiar with Margie's workshops. Enjoy!

  3. @Debra, what's an hour and a half between friends? There's a spider on the ceiling of the bathroom right now. I guarantee it'll still be there by the time you arrive. :)

    @Raquel- Thanks! Hey, I think I had an email from you this week, right? I'll make every effort to get back to you this weekend!

  4. O hon I know the feeling! Life's been kicking my butt lately. Good luck!

  5. I can relate, Joy! I'm trying to juggle lots of responsibilities and still meet my personal and writing goals. Something has to give, so it's been visiting around the blogosphere. But I'm glad I found time to stop in here and commiserate! Hope it gets better for you!

  6. Poor Joy! There's nothing worse than creepy-crawly critters...(((shudder))). Hang in there...your strongest leg isn't permanently amputated. lol

  7. Yes your EP certianly understands because your EP is BEHIND HERSELF! ;-) You're going to come out the other side...and if you need any help, let me know. :)

  8. @Juju- And I owe you some books. I'll get to the post office this week, promise!

    @Renee Ann- WHOOOOO HOOOOO for finaling in Genesis! You go girl!

    @Delia- I'm such a wimp with bugs. Those things are trying to bring me down. LOL.

    @Casey- I figured you'd understand. :) I'm trying to catch up now.

  9. Joy,

    Hope hubby is home by now :) I know that's rough with kids, I've only ever done a week so I imagine its rough.

    Hope this week goes better.

    I sure understand about not catching up, sometimes blogging just has to get kicked off the priority list at least for a short while.

  10. Life sure does happen, doesn't it? No worries -- I'm just thrilled to make your reading list! Hope things fall into place for your life schedule!


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