Saturday, April 02, 2011

My son's sequined socks

I have to admit, when I first came across the email from Charles at Costume Discounters asking me to review one of their products, my first response was "Dude, this is a book blog." Still, something made my finger freeze over the delete key. No harm in just peeking at some of their products right?

Finding the Michael Jackson items in their costume accessories pretty much guaranteed a review in my future. Here's the thing. My youngest son looooves himself some MJ. You know how some kids can rattle off baseball stats and batting averages? My child can rattle off the names of the original Jackson Five, the siblings that never made it into the group, and all of Kathryn's grandchildren.

He's already accumulated enough dress up items to make a living off his King of Pop impersonation in Vegas, but one thing he didn't have yet were glitter slouch socks. And what self-respecting Michael Jackson fan forgoes the glitter slouch socks?

So I asked Charles to send over the Adult Michael Jackson Sequin Glove and Leggings. We already had a glove (or three) but my son believes it's the accessory that goes with everything, so you can't really have too many.

I received the product I requested within a week. The leggings, designed to fit over socks, were sized for an adult but they fit my eight year old just fine. The glove was a little loose on his hand, but he'll grow into it (or as my husband hopes, just grow out of this phase). Overall, we liked the items and would deal with this company again.

So what d'ya think? Should I start booking Vegas dates for 2031?

(Face obscured to protect his reputation at 17).


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