Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Book Boyfriend Luke Redmond from Dining with Joy

Book bloggers highlight the characters they fell in love with in My Book Boyfriend, a weekly meme from Missie at The Unread Reader.

The book boyfriend that I spent my weekend with was Luke Redmond from Dining with Joy by Rachel Hauck.

My Book Boyfriend's Stats:
-36 Years Old
-Blue eyes
-Clean soapy fragrance
-Professional chef & restaurant owner
-His kiss "tastes like flour, vanilla, and cream, like the comforts of home at the end of a long, hard journey." p. 47

In my mind, Luke looks like:

What I love about him:
Is there anything more attractive than a man who who can cook (except maybe a man who reads)?

My favorite pick up line:

"The boys would banish you from Mars if they knew you asked me about cooking when you could've been kissing." Joy cut around him and maneuvered through the trees toward Venus. Toward safety.

"Answer the question and I'll kiss the breath right out of you."

Luke's voice lassoed her and she whirled around to face him. "I'll keep the air I breathe, thank you very much." But she found it difficult to inhale deep and fill her lungs. (p. 138-139)

What to know more about Luke's story? Here's the book blurb:

Host of a regionally syndicated cooking show, Joy Ballard has a little secret: she can't cook. But when her show is picked up by a major network and given a prime time slot, her world heats up faster than a lowcountry boil.

Enter Luke Redmond: handsome, creative, and jobless after having to declare bankruptcy of his Manhatten restaurant. When her producers ask him to co-host the show, Joy sees Luke as her way out. But Luke sees much more than just a co-host in Joy.

Their relationship begins to simmer on and off set. Until Joy's secret is revealed and her reputation is ruined on national television by her rival, Wenda Devine.

But could Devine's cruelty be a divine gift? Losing Luke--and her sister--forces Joy to consider where her worth really comes from. Could God be cooking up an even bigger adventure from the mess? And will Joy hang on long enough to find out?


  1. I have never heard of this book---MUST pick it up! I think from what you described Bradley Cooper would be an excellent choice for that part. I love cooking romances ever since I read Louisa Edwards :)

  2. This is in my TBR pile. I love this idea of writing about book boyfriends! Is there a way to join in other than commenting?

  3. Wow! Never heard of this book, but Luke does sound dreamy. Plus he can cook! Yummy. And that picture is perfect!

  4. Hey, he sounds dreamy even to me! Way to go Joy!! I did love and still do love Luke! XO!

    Confession: When writing Softly and Tenderly with Sara, I was "in love" with the character Dustin. I called my friend Susie and said, "I love Dustin!" I think because I wrote about him as a teen and then as a man. I knew him well.

    But Max comes back as a great hero!

    Love to all!

  5. I'm going to have to do this book boyfriend thing someday although I'm not sure I'll be able to find all those great pics of hunks like you do LOL!

    Great job Joy! Your posts are always so fun. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  6. @Felicia- Bradley Cooper was an easy pick for this one. I actually met him two summers ago while on vacation in LA. I was standing outside of the movie premiere for About Steve and he came over to sign autographs. I squealed like a 15 year old girl and told him I loved him in Alias. :)

    Christine- Anyone can join! Head over to Missie's The Unread Reader blog every Wednesday to link up.

    Missie- I do love a man who cooks...and I found one in real life too!

    Juju- Rachel made Luke's kiss sound delish didn't she?

    Rachel- Can't wait to read that one. It's in my review pile. I can see how you'd fall in love with Dustin. There was something I liked about him even in the first book.

    Renee- I definitely can't use just any book for this meme. I haven't been able to find a historical hero...yet.

  7. Joy, that's hilarious about meeting Bradley Cooper. I loved About Steve.

    Thanks for all the comments, too, y'all!


  8. Any guy who evokes Bradley Cooper's countenance is okay by me.

  9. Great pick. You have to love a gorgeous guy who can cook and his kisses taste like the comforts of home :)

  10. Great pick! Thanks for the introduction. I'm a new follower. Love your blog design.

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend

  11. You have been awarded on my blog. Please visit post for details.

    Love your blog and reviews!

  12. Ooooo I have a great one to use for the historical book boyfriend...just gotta find the book and the character he fits with. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

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    xoxo from NY :-)




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