Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Anna's Shattered Faith by Kendall Evans

Inspirational romance? Check.
One of my favorite historical settings? Check.
Strong hero protecting his woman from danger? Check.

Old West historicals are like comfort food and if there was a recipe for writing my favorite type of story, this book had all the ingredients. It was impossible not to like it.

The only reason it remains solidly in the "like" category and didn't cross over into "book crush" is I could have used a second helping of danger and romance (I'm a little bit of a glutton like that). I thought the author had room to ratchet up the tension on both fronts.

Anna's Shattered Faith by Kendall Evans is published by Astraea Press, a new e-publisher in town. This debut definitely caught my attention and I'll be watching their menu for future offerings.

Now I should back away from the blog and find some lunch...

Want to know more? Here's the book blurb:
The day Anna Hampton's husband, Zach, was killed was the day she lost her faith. Ranger Daniel Cochran represents everything she doesn't like. Not only is he a lawman, but he's a God-fearing man like Zach. His faith might work for him, but the only thing Anna saw it do was get her husband killed. The Ranger’s presence grows more and more welcome, especially when danger lurks around every corner, and Anna is caught in the middle.

Ranger Daniel Cochran knows when he arrives in Strawberry Junction, Texas he’s in for a battle. Taking the position as the town's sheriff is only a temporary assignment. His real job in the small, close-knit community is to catch a killer...the same man who killed Sheriff Zach Hampton. What he hadn't figured on was the sheriff's angry widow getting in his way. Or the feelings she stirs in his heart.
My Rating: (more like 3 and a half couples)



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