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Love stories from my favorite book bloggers

I blog about romance every day around here, but this Valentine's I wanted to celebrate real love stories, so I invited a few of my favorite book bloggers to share something about the leading men in their lives (come back Monday when I'll share mine).

My husband Michael and I met in 1984 in a college class at church. He used to say “I’m a bachelor till the rapture.” We joke now that was his first mistake.

Our first date was interesting from the moment he asked me out. Family rules were anyone wanting to date me had to first ask my dad. Michael had to be grilled by both of my parents. He was a 25 year old ex-Marine and I was 18, so they had some concerns.

On our first date we went snow skiing. I had never been snow skiing in my life. I didn’t like snow then and I don’t like it now. Each time I careened down the hill Michael had to come behind me and pick up the poles I lost. I fell down that mountain three times!

After that, Michael decided he wasn’t going to ask me out again because he didn’t think I had a very good time. I knew it was a horrible date so I invited him to come to dinner the next week. I made Hawaiian chicken. He says it’s what sealed the deal.

We were engaged 6 months later and married about 11 months after that. We have raised 2 beautiful daughters and have 2 wonderful grandchildren with #3 on the way. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in July and I have to say that I love Michael more now than I did when we were married. He’s my best friend and I look forward to many more years together!

Julie is Team Edifying at Edifying and Edgy. She also blogs at My Only Vice.

What I love about being married...

Without a doubt the best part of marriage is how God uses it to teach me about his unconditional love.

As married couples we are designed to be a picture of Christ and the church. Selfishness and the ugliness of sin sometimes mar this picture, until we come back
to Him.

But His love can be expressed in the littlest things.

My husband warms my feet every night even when it makes him shiver even beneath the blankets in the frigid Northeast winter..

During rough periods of my depression there were the nights he stayed up late into the night to comfort me, then cheerfully went to work the next day to provide for our family.

The times he has gone without, whether it is his money, his time or some other resource…so that his family can be blessed stand out. And there are so many more times.

Daily my husband lays down his life for our family. Though neither of us are perfect, it is in these moments God uses the man he has created me for to show me a picture of His love for me.

Julia Reffner blogs at Dark Glass Ponderings. You can also find her at The Writers Alley.

For years I joked I would get married on May 5th, 2005 (05/05/05), because 5 is my lucky number. Nobody, including myself, took that very seriously, considering I didn't even have a love interest.

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?!! After dating the love of my life for 11 months, I married him on May 5, 2005. :) (And if you notice, that's on a Thursday-the 5th day of the week).

I have to throw this out for the single ladies. My hubby was my first boyfriend. I was very shy and very picky! I thought I had my heart broken several times, but God knew He had something better waiting for me down the road. I am so very grateful for every moment I had to wait for Jonathan! My momma would even tell you in a heartbeat that I had the worst luck ever with guys. Now I know that's not true, because God sent me the perfect husband. (No, not perfect, but perfect for me). :)

True love is definitely worth the wait, in many ways!

You can find Tammy at her blog Bluerose's Heart

And Juju from Tales of Whimsy said, "My husband asked me to marry him at a small waterfall in Utah...."

It's giveaway time!

Update: The winner has been chosen. It's Amber S!!!

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  1. Very neat giveaway! I'd love to enter. Thanks!

    Oh, and i have been to all the stops on the progressive blog party. It's been a lotta fun! :-)

    ~ Katy

  2. What a lovely post. I am so glad how it came out!

  3. Great post!

  4. Awwwww, there we are! What a fun post this is!

    I've been to all of the blog party sites.

  5. I enjoyed reading this post,
    from the first date of snow-skiing
    to getting married 5/5/05
    and everything in between.

    I have been to every progressive stop and joined every giveaway.

  6. Wow, I know several of these ladies and love knowing more about them.

    Julia, you know what you mean to me and the story of your love is so precious. You are an outstanding example and I feel blessed to know you!

    Great layout Joy! Very fun. :)

  7. Oops, my email is in my profile. Thanks Joy!

  8. Aww, how cute! I love looking at wedding pictures.


  9. Wow, thanks for posting. I loved especially hearing Tammy's story. What a great one for all the singles!

    Oh, Casey, good thing I'm not wearing makeup this morning. I was honored to be asked to share. In case anyone is wondering why no photo for hubby is in the IT industry and very familiar with computer security so he doesn't like me putting up any family or location photos. I actually didn't have my picture up on my blog until I was "asked" to put up a photo for reviewing.


    (If I'm not allowed to enter that's OK :))

  10. Oh, I love this post, Joy!! Thank you so much for participating in the party and for sharing these bloggers' love stories! You guys are the greatest! :D



    (I ditto Julia's last comment.) :)

  11. I so enjoyed reading these! It was fun to "meet" Julie and Tammy and read a little bit about them. As for Julia, I'm not surprised that her post is such a lovely testament to sacrificial love. And I only expected that Juju's proposal was romantic. Thanks for sharing all these stories. But where are the old pics of Joy?

  12. Enjoyed these stories, Joy. Very fun post. I have been visiting the blogs this week that Casey listed.

  13. Joy I knew this was going to be a fun post when you emailed me about it! I'm sorry I couldn't help you but you didn't need me anyhow LOL, you have some great stories here! Tammy I'm taking it to heart that a shy and picky girl can find true love!!! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  14. Lovely awesome stories especially the first and third, I'll be checking out some of their blogs.

    I'm also running a "Real Love Stories" series on my blog featuring other bloggers through February..

  15. Hi everybody (Joy's waving) Thanks for stopping in! Sorry I'm just getting back to comment now, it's been a long day at work!

    Thanks everyone who sent me their stories! Julie, I loved your husband's comment, "A bachelor til the rapture!" LOL...famous last words.

    Julia- Your husband definitely sounds like a keeper!

    Tammy- After that story, I can definitely see you with five children. How many do you have now?

    Juju- What a romantic place to propose!

    Renee Anne, I wanted to say I'll post my story on Monday.

    And Myne, I'll be sure to stop over to take a look.

  16. Awwww. I loved getting to read Julie, Julia, and Juju's stories!!!

    That's so sweet, Julia, that your hubby warms your feet! I, too, have ice cubes for hands and feet. :) I hate we can't see a pic of y'all, though. But I totally understand!

    Renee- Definitely...I got very discouraged...but for absolutely no reason. :)

    Joy- lol...We're expecting our second in April. Maybe, one more, but I'm not anticipating 5. Whew...I don't know if i'd survive. :)

  17. Joy, your blog is so pretty and romantic! :) Thank you for sharing these great love stories with us!

    Julie and Michael’s story made me LOL! “I’m a bachelor till the rapture.” LOVE it!! And I also like the idea of the guy getting the dad’s permission. Very sweet :)

    Julia’s story made me cry – in a good way ;) What a beautiful relationship she has with her hubby. It’s very rare to find a strong leader with a humble, servants heart. I’m so happy for her and I pray the Lord has a man like that for me one day :)

    Tammy and Jonathan’s story really touched me. I love hearing stories of what God can and will do when we leave the desires of our heart in His very capable hands and wait for His perfect timing. As a single girl this story was very encouraging :)

    Joy, thank you so very much for a chance to win an Amazon gift card! I have so many wishlist books, it crazy, LOL! And, I’ve left comments on all the party stops so far and will most definitely be visiting my dear friend Julia’s blog tomorrow and I wouldn’t miss that interview with Laura Frantz over at Renee’s blog Sunday for anything! I’m always at Amber’s so I’ll be back there Monday. Thank you for the chance to win :)


  18. Tammy, yeah, I hear ya. We have three. I would have liked more but we'll need to put them through college one day so we quit while we were ahead.

    Hi Amanda from goodreads! Thanks so much for visiting, now that you found me don't be a stranger! :)

  19. I am definitely stopping at all the future stops and I've kept up so far ;)


  20. Love your blog!
    My husband and I married at the preacher's house on Feb 25, 1965 and had 36 wonderful years together, before his death on Feb. 22, 2001. So February is a sometimes sad, sometimes happy month for me. Beautiful memories of our life together!
    rbooth43 at yahoo dot com

  21. This was sweet...thanks for sharing!

  22. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  23. I really enjoyed this post. What wonderful stories for Valentine's day! gasweetheart211[at]netscape[dot]net

  24. enjoyed this valentine's day posting :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  25. God does have a sense of humor for sure; blessings to all of you who contributed(Tammy, Julie and Julia).


  26. Ooh, I'd love to win! I always have more books I want to buy! Thanks!

    leanniegehrke at hotmail dot com

  27. I left comments at all the stops!

    leanniegehrke at hotmail dot com

  28. Hey Joy! I just wanted to let you know that I visited all the blogs for this and left comments..including on my own blog. :-P

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  29. Rebecca, 36 wonderful years. What a blessing. Praying you this month!

    Thanks for entering everyone. says the winner of this giveaway is Amber S!!! I'm emailing you Amber.

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