Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meet Julia Dixon!

This morning I introduced the first new contributor to Edgy Inspirational Romance, Serena Chase. Now I'm excited to reveal the second new face around here. Her name is Julia Dixon, and she's no stranger to book bloggers. Julia joined our Christian Fiction Book Club discussion not too long ago. Please give her a warm welcome!

JOY: Where can stalkers find you online other than here?

JULIA: You can find me almost daily at my blog Thou Art Jules, on Twitter @thouartjules and on Facebook

JOY: Mostly a writer or mostly a reader?

JULIA: At this stage in my life I am mostly a reader. I do write regularly and am working on some research for a new project.

JOY: Why’d you agree to sign on to Edgy Inspirational Romance?

JULIA: I agreed to sign on with Edgy Inspirational Romance for several reasons. #1 I have really appreciated the way Joy manages her priorities! It is so hard to keep your priorities in order not only in this day and age but online as well. #2 I LOVE Inspirational Romance and certainly appreciate the Edgy ones too! #3 I love making new friends online and working with someone on a goal! I believe EIR is bringing a voice to this niche and hope that Joy’s readership will grow and prosper.

JOY: Share the 25 Random Things about Me that you posted on Facebook:

JULIA: 25 random things could be difficult! Lets see…

1. I love fuzzy socks.

2. My bedroom is red.

3. I have 4 children.

4. I really really do not like laundry.

5. I really really do like snow!

6. I talk to myself A LOT.

7. I like to repeat random things I hear on the radio whether it’s part of a song or a commercial.

8. I often laugh so hard that I cry.

9. I love to cook (especially things that make the house smell delicious).

10. Calla Lillies are my favorite flowers.

11. I like to paint murals.

12. I like to research unusual things for my books (things I’m not familiar with).

13. My dog's name is Jude.

14. I rescue kittens.

15. I actually put plastic on my windows this winter to save money.

16. I drive a ’91 Jeep and love it.

17. I enjoy doing household repairs (I’ve wired switches, put in new light fixtures, wired a phone jack etc.).

18. I love taking a long HOT bath.

19. My favorite smell is violet.

20. I have too much furniture in my bedroom.

21. I wear my seat belt.

22. I’ve been to Las Vegas.

23. I’ve moved to a place and stayed there less than 30 days.

24. I don’t like reality TV.

25. My children think I’m weird.

JOY: Name your top five books ever:

JULIA: Ok, I don’t know about all time books but I went through my Goodreads list and these five were my favorites in no particular order

The Topkapi Secret - Terry Kelhawk

Emily of Deep Valley - Maud Hart Lovelace

The Wednesday Letters - Jason F. Wright

Kushiels Legacy series - Jacqueline Carey

The Twilight series - Stephenie Meyer

Julia Dixon is a self proclaimed small town girl, wife and mother of 4. She is passionate about her family. She loves children and cannot stand to see them mistreated, lonely or hurt. This often goes for animals as well. Julia loves breezy fall days where the sun is bright but the air is crisp. Her favorite colors are the leaves in Autumn. She drives an old 1991 Jeep and wouldn’t trade it for the world! She is a little quirky, too big for her britches and strong willed. She can find a radiator leak, wire a three way switch and sharpen a lawnmower blade. She can also curl up with a good book, cry at a chick flick and cook better than your Momma!


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