Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thanks for the awards!

The results are in, and I didn't win Best Spiritual, Inspirational, or Religious Book Blog during Book Blogger Appreciation Week (but making the short nominations list was such a thrill). Deborah at Books, Movies, Chinese Food took home the honors this year, and it couldn't have gone to a better blogger. If you've never visited her website, you should definitely check it out.

However, I received quite a few awards in the past four months and I've been negligent about acknowledging them publicly (though I did send a private thanks to everyone).

I received this award from: AlleluiaLu at Book End Crossing, Jazz at About Books Blog, Carrie at Just One More Chapter, and Heather at Buried in Books

I received this one from Gina at Hott Books, and from the romance lover behind Addicted to Romance

With this award, I'm supposed to share seven things about me.

1. I don't have a musical bone in my body.

When I was in 6th grade I played the clarinet. During the concert, my band teacher told me not to blow, just move my fingers and pretend to be playing.

2. My favorite people are funny.

3. My grandmother used to work for Hellen Keller (yeah, technically not about me- but a fun fact anyway).

4. My dream career (after elementary teacher and writer, of course) would be "kick-butt secret agent" à la Jennifer Garner in Alias.

5. My favorite TV show of all time was Lost and I'm heartbroken that it won't be on this season.

6. I am the mother of 10 year old twins that were supposed to be triplets. But I also have a 7 year old who acts like the third twin.

7. I'm a sucker for a juicy tell-all celebrity biography.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't win, Joy...but congratulations on all the well-deserved awards.

  2. It stinks that you didn't win, Joy because I think you seem to be quite deserving yourself!

    I loved hearing the facts : ) How cool that your grandma worked for Helen Keller! I like history, so that's a pretty cool connection in my book...oh, the clarinet story made me laugh!! Too funny! Missing Lost and Ugly Betty : ( also, but at least we still have Grey's and Private Practice (thank goodness for that!)!

  3. Congratulations on the awards you did win.
    Well deserved.

  4. @Juju- I could use some of the skills I've picked up as an elementary teacher in the job of kick butt secret agent. There's definitely some cross over. LOL.

    Thanks Julia, and I got the message you forwarded today. Looks interesting!

    Hannah- You're right, Greys! I'm so excited about it. That was one of the best season finales ever!

    Man of LA- Thanks for swinging by. :)

  5. Yeah it was!! Tomorrow night!! Woot woot!

    : D


  6. @ Joy, I didn't know if you were on the ACFW Northeast loop so I sent it on since it was so close to you. Not sure if I will go or not.

    P.S. I'm sorry, I just couldn't make it through Havah :(. Too much "adult" imagery in the book for me and I couldn't agree with some of the spin I felt the author had on the book of Genesis. She does have a poetic style though. Hopefully the next read will grab me.

  7. Julia, re: adult imagery: that's a topic I want to pursue with you on Wednesday. If you don't end up writing your own post about it, definitely swing by here in the comments so we can chat about it. I have about 25% left to read, so I want to reserve comment until I'm finished. But there are so many thoughts running through my head about that.

    (hi Kate!)


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