Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: Secrets and Lies by Rhonda Mcknight and Giveaway!

Secrets and Lies is the emotional story of a marriage falling apart. Jonah Morgan is a pediatric cardiologist who works too hard, drinks too much, and shares too little with his spouse.
His wife Faith is trying to walk in the word and live up to her name. But when her husband's drunken rage threatens to hurt her son, she takes the kids and moves out.

There was a lot of bitterness and resentment on both Faith and Jonah's parts. The author does an excellent job portraying those emotions, because I felt as if I were going through this separation with them. Since the destruction of their marriage seemed so authentic, I found this a tough read.

But the author gives us breaks of levity in this novel- sparks of snarky humor that revolve around Jonah's gold digging coworker, Samaria, whose breasts could have been a main character.

I dog-eared some of my favorite lines:

p. 114 "Faith...watched Samaria pull on the sides of her bra. Samaria was wasting her time. Those babies weren't getting back in there."

p. 128 "With each step she took, her huge breasts were closing the space between them. If they could talk, they would be chanting, "Touch us."

Mcknight is a solid writer and I can honestly say I liked the book. She did an effective job of telling Faith and Jonah's story which ultimately has a happy ending. My taste leans more toward 'sweep you off your feet' romance though, and this novel did not fall into that category.

Want more information? Here's the back cover blurb:
Faith Morgan is struggling with her faith. Years of poor communication and neglect leave her doubting that God will ever fix her marriage. When a coworker accuses her husband, Jonah, of the unthinkable, Faith begins to wonder if she really knows him at all, and if it's truly in God's will for them to stay married.

Pediatric cardiologist Jonah Morgan is obsessed with one thing: his work. A childhood incident cemented his desire to heal children at any cost, even his family, but now he finds himself at a crossroads in his life. Will he continue to allow the past to haunt him, or find healing and peace in a God he shut out long ago?

In her debut novel, Secrets and Lies, Rhonda McKnight delivers unforgettable characters and page-turning drama about a couple whose troubled marriage is pushed to its limits amidst secrets, lies, and an enemy set on revenge.

My rating:

It's giveaway time!

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