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Proud to be an E-book Author by Anne Patrick

While Joy is off working on the Inspy E-book Challenge, author Anne Patrick is here blogging about the e-publishing industry.

First of all, I want to clear up a misconception that some readers have about e-books. The e in e-book does not stand for erotica. E-books are electronic books that come in many formats, including PDF. You can read them on your computer or an e-book reader, and if you haven’t heard, they are becoming VERY popular.

E-books constituted a little over three percent of all trade book sales in the United States last year. But in the first quarter of this year, sales were up almost 270 percent from the comparable period in 2009.

Even the major publishers are dipping into the pool. A couple of weeks ago, the Hachette Book Group reported James Patterson has sold 1.14 million units of his books for devices like Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, and iPad.

Man, what I wouldn’t give to have just a quarter of those sales.

There are a number of reasons these devices are so popular. Most e-books are a whole lot cheaper than print books. You can purchase and download e-books in minutes. They’re environmentally friendly. Your books take up less space because you can store thousands on a computer or e-reader. The print is adjustable, for those of you, like me, who don’t like to wear your reading glasses. It doesn’t matter if you like romance, suspense, inspirational, science fiction, or westerns. All your favorite genres can be found as e-books.

The only downfall is the e-readers are pretty expensive. However, the prices are starting to come down and many predict by the end of the year most will be very affordable.

There are a number of companies, which are strictly e-publishers, producing award winning books by talented authors. Desert Breeze Publishing, White Rose Publishing, Whiskey Creek Press, and Samhain Publishing are just a few of the more popular inspirational e-presses.

There used to be a stigma, and maybe there still is to a certain extent, that authors who went the e-publishing route were authors who couldn’t land contracts with New York publishers. This is no longer the case. There are many authors, formerly with big publishing houses who have pursued e-publishing because it is very lucrative. Instead of the usual eight to twenty percent of royalties most print publishers pay, an e-book author makes thirty to forty-five percent on sales.

Now who wouldn’t want to double their royalties?

Another trend in the making is edgy Christian fiction. With the smaller independent e-book publishers, authors are given more leeway as to what they’re allowed to write. They’re tackling tough issues that the market used to shy away from, and dealing with situations that affect people every day.

Romances are spicier than the norm, or in my case thrilling stories of sweet romance and suspense with inspirational messages weaved into them. I know it’s hard to imagine a story about murder and mayhem being inspirational, but I love suspense and I want all my writing to reflect my faith so that’s how my muse works. There is both evil and good in this world and I like combining the two and watching how my characters deal with it.

So is the publishing industry just going through a phase? Some want to think so, but the numbers don’t lie. We are forging into the electronic age whether we want to or not. Look at how much the music industry has changed. Now I’m not saying the print book is going to be obsolete like the eight-track (I’m giving away my age here). People love the feel of books. They like thumbing through the pages, making notes in the margins. But the times are a changing, and I for one welcome that change. More people than ever are reading. So don’t be afraid of the future. Embrace it. Try an e-book!

Don't miss Anne's newest release, Fire and Ash!

Fire Investigator Sadie McGregor is called to her hometown of Emerald Point, Missouri to investigate a suspicious fire which claimed the life of a local college student. The fire appears accidental, but what Sadie and the handsome new sheriff discover will not only affect those close to them, it will rock the entire community and may cost one of them their life.

To learn more about Anne Patrick, known for her sweet edge of your seat suspense, or her alter ego Kinzie Monroe, who writes inspirational romance, visit



  1. Hi Anne,
    A very interesting interview. I have an e-book too, but hadn't heard that some people thought that the e meant erotic. LOL. I'm glad you clearned that up. Fire and Ash sounds like another edge-of-your-seat Anne Patrick book.

  2. Anne, a nice interview. I have a Kindle and I love it. Like Gail though, I hadn't heard that some people thought that the e meant erotic! Ebooks continue to grow. Just yesterday or perhaps the day before, Amazon announced it sold more ebooks than hardbacks on it's site. I think you'll see that ereaders will continue to come down as the medium's popularity continues to soar.


  3. Great Commentary on the electronic book industry. I really appreciated it.

    "Real love does not interfere or demand. It delights in both worship and sympathy. To have that sweet weakness aiding me, to touch providence with my hand, able to take it into my arms, as the soul is present, is to be caressed. Love is looking with care, intense and fascinated. Beholding an object in thought in its absence, to hear it come, go, enjoy its attributes, without judgments, totally accepting it, is love." -- C.J. Good, Author

  4. Wow - I hadn't heard that either that some people think the e means erotic. Great information about ebook readers. I have a Kindle and love it. I'm so glad the prices are dropping on the readers and hope that will help encourage more people to buy them.

    Your Fire & Ash is on my list to read soon. Sounds like a fantastic read.

  5. LOL Anne, like everyone else here, I have not heard some thought the e stood for erotic! If that don't beat all! But, yes, I agree that major publishing houses are taking another look at eBooks and so are authors. Best of luck with Fire and Ash. Another great read, for sure!

  6. Thank you Anne so much for agreeing to guest post today!

    People often associate e-books with erotica (both literally and figuratively).

    But I'm happy that Anne was able to show that there is a growing inspirational market in e-publishing.

  7. Well, Anne, I have to add that I didn't realize folks considered the E meant Erotic. Oops.

    Congrats on your wonderful books, Anne, and like you, I'd love to have just a sniff of those sales James Patterson is having! :)

  8. Hi everyone! Yeah I know, it really blew my mind that some people thought the e stood for erotica.

    The reaction I usually get when I tell someone my books are available as e-books they ask, E what? But those I've turned on to e-books have always thanked me.

    Thanks everyone for dropping by. And thank you, Joy for having me.

  9. Oh and something I forgot to mention in the blog post, Kindle has a free application on the Amazon site that you can download onto your computer that will allow you to read Kindle books. And you can download several free books to start your collection. How cool is that!!!

  10. Thanks everyone who stopped by to show Anne some love!

  11. Lovely to see Anne here! Great post on ebooks too. And the book looks sizzling. Oh dear - maybe that is a bad pun. LOL Best wishes for success Anne.

  12. I've read Fire and Ash and it is a wonderful book. The best I've read this year! I love the way you write, Anne, keep um coming!

  13. Thanks Dana and Martha for commenting. I appreciate you visiting my blog. :)


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