Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Blog Swap- Any Volunteers?

I guess I should capitalize on all the book bloggers visiting Edgy Inspirational Romance this weekend and introduce my new feature.

Since I only review inspirational romance, starting next month I'd love to do a Book Blog Swap with a blogger that reviews other inspirational genres. Your blog does not need to review Christian fiction exclusively, but the review you post here should be for a Christian fiction or non fiction book (but not a romance). You can repost a review that already ran on your blog, or you can write a new one.

And while you're blogging here, I'll post an inspirational romance review at your blog. For continuity, we'll both use the feature logo at the top of our posts. This feature will run once or twice a month depending on how many volunteers I get.

So, what d'ya say? Any takers?

Send me an email if you're interested!


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