Friday, July 30, 2010

48hr Read-a-Thon starts now!

Do I need another reading challenge?

Um, have you seen my to be read pile? (Joy directs your attention to her Shelfari widget on the right).

This weekend I plan to knock one of those titles off the shelf. Not sure which one yet (I'm leaning toward Missing Mabel), but if I put my mind to it, I can finish one of 'em in 48hours and still spend some quality time with the boys.

Technically, I should call that Shelfari widget my to be read immediately pile.

Because the truth is, the stack of books on my nightstand dwarfs the list in my sidebar. This week I took a count. There are 58 unread novels in this house waiting for my attention (59 after I receive the Amazon order I placed Monday). I have an additional nine books on my iPhone, one PDF in my mailbox, and two galleys waiting for me at Netgalley.

So yes, my friends. I need another reading challenge...or an intervention.

Care to join me? Visit the Unputdownables blog. Don't you just love that name?!


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