Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thirteen things I'm worried about before the Write! Canada conference.

With one week to go until my first writer's conference, these are the things on my mind:

1. What if I get lost driving to Canada? (A very real possibility!)
2. What if I have spinach in my teeth during my faculty appointment?
3. What if my handshake is clammy?
4. What if I'm stuck in the elevator with an agent and forget my elevator pitch?
5. What if they don't get my humor?
6. What if I'm too nervous to be myself?
7. What if they bite? (Wait...they don't bite do they?!)
8. What if I don't get to meet the industry professionals I really want to meet?
9. What if I sit down at a faculty table and don't have anything to say?
10. What if nobody talks to me?
11. What if I forget to bring something really important? Like business cards? Shoes? Courage?
12. What if they don't like me?
13. What if they do?

Help me snap out of it. Post your positive writer's conference experiences...


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