Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Interview with Michelle Sutton

I'm excited to post my first author interview today! A warm welcome to Michelle Sutton, the author of Never Without Hope. If you missed my review of her book, you can find it here.

Michelle, how many books have you written?
I've actually written about 18, though some will never see the printer's press because I've deleted them or tossed them. They were practice books.

Which one is your favorite?
My favorite is probably Never Without Hope because it's the edgiest and most intense.

Do you write with a mission?
If you mean with the intention of teaching something? Not really. I just have a story to tell that I hope inspires people. I believe everyone gleans from a story what they need to think about at that time.

Your newest book is Never Without Hope. It’s already out on Kindle, when does the print version release?
The print version officially releases July 1st. However, I am going to be selling some pre-order copies and autographing them and mailing them with free bookmarks to people who order between now and June 15th. By June 15th the book should probably be available on Amazon, though the shipping won't be free and they won't have autographed copies and cool bookmarks. (Contact for this offer).

Is this your edgiest book yet? Yes, definitely.

Describe for readers why it earns this title.
Honestly? Because there is sex in the book. I'm not aware of any Christian novels that have sex in them like this. It's interesting to me, however, that the Bible talks about not forsaking your spouse (sex) lest you cause them to stumble, yet there are no Christian books that address this topic at all. Usually if a spouse is cheating in Christian fiction it's the man doing it, and it's never revealed why, or that lack of sex had anything to do with it. It's like no one wants to admit that this is an issue for Christian couples, and yet the divorce rate is just as high as with couples who don't profess faith in Christ, which tells me that something is clearly broken and being ignored rather than dealt with. I've had one reader tell me that reading my book really helped her to empathize with and support her friend who was going through a situation just like Hope had gone through. She said she appreciated that because before she read my book she simply didn't get the appeal the affair had for her friend.

Which scene in this book was the hardest for you to write?
None were hard to write, per se. Though the one that always gets me choked up is the one where she meets with her husband the first time after the affair is revealed, and he is willing to talk to her. She feels so unworthy that it makes me cry every time I read that part.
(I got choked up reading that scene too!)

Which was the easiest?
Oh, the kissing scenes. I love writing those sizzling kisses. :)

What is the most important advice you could give to pre-published writers?
Don't get discouraged. It's a tough business and honestly, it doesn't get any easier after you sell your book. You still have to market it or you may not sell another.

Do you have any parting words for readers?
Please consider buying my book. If you do read it, feel free to post a comment on my website guest book. That's the kind of stuff that keeps an author writing. Everyone needs a little encouragement now and then. My website is

Thanks so much for sitting in the hot seat. I’d love to have you pop in again sometime!

Coming Attractions:
Friday, June 18th- Bestselling author Deeanne Gist will be here to discuss her new book Maid to Match.


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